Quizz: Hustla music

The Queens musician with the melodic sound Quizz is the first to let people know that he's not a cocky person. The New York rapper keeps it humble for the most part, but he also knows that putting in the time and effort in his craft and seeing it pay off, is a feat that deserves just a little stunting....

Keys era: Lifted

The Philly artist putting on for her city one track at a time

Tjay The Poet: Comin up

The Philly rapper with the poetic flow Tjay the poet knows his music isn't quite like anything being made right now. While finding a unique style has been one of his biggest advantages as an artist, it's also a challenge to get others on board. "The hardest part is getting more out there," He says. "People are so drawn to...

SINDIGO: Made for this

The soulful singer with a sound of her own

Kylee: No favors

Shadyville Queens rapper Kylee is doing things his way

Quelly & Hazeus: New Age Outlaws

The newest collective out of Brooklyn       While the country remains divided by classism, racism and its newest president, many have taken a rebellious stance in the millennial generation. With this defiant spirit radiating throughout the youth, Quelly, Hazeu$ and the New Age Outlaws (N.A.O) have hit the scene and given a voice to the young, the wild...

Mike of Doom: Doomsday

The versatile DMV artist continues to grow with his music       In an era filled with young musicians hoping for instant gratification with one or two hot records, Mike of Doom is one of the few artist who understands that consistency is key. The Maryland native has been putting out consistent content for over five years, with videos...

Lougotcash: Queens savior

Changing the way we think of NY music       Just a few years ago, it seemed that the overall quality and content of music in New York was down, as people were claiming the sound was a bit outdated. While the general public opted for music from other areas like Atlanta and Chicago, New York slowly began to...
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