Wait, so what is Gritty Vibes?

We got you fam.

Gritty Vibes is a platform of dope, up and coming artist, athletes and more. If you’re young and doing anything noteworthy, we want to find you and write about you. Created by Tyrel Hunt, a former Division One hooper turned professional writer, this site is by the culture and for the culture. So if you or someone you know is Gritty enough to be featured, hit up the email and lets talk.


Meet the Gritty Vibes Team!


Ty Hunt – Founder


Nuff said.

Migale Whyte – Sportswriter



Whyte is the mind behind some of our most popular basketball list and articles. The well connected sportswriter is the most knowledgeable mind for high school hoops in NYC, often getting his news before the major hoop outlets. While his sources are quite mysterious, some how some way he gets his story. One thing is a fact: Migale Whyte’s work speaks for itself.

Terrelle Lue – Videographer


Terrelle Lue has done a fine job behind the camera and the pen, working as a duel threat journalist who is a mainstay in the NYC art community. Lue has brought interviews on actress Amanda Morris and artist such as “My life in yellow” and Ashleigh Sharmaine to the site as well as offered his hand in several other projects. If you are looking to find some underrated talent in the city, Terrelle Lue is your guy.