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Keynes Woods: The truth

The Canadian rapper with the stand out flow With new rappers, mixtapes and SoundCloud links appearing on a daily basis, the crop of musicians with...

Paule Ouedraogo: The come up

The artsy beauty with the big plans

Lauryn Jean Pierre: Lolo’s World

The young model with the unique look

Dash Porter TV: Teenage Fever

Dash Porter has found her love in photography, and hopes her camera will take her back to the motherland Photography in general is a powerful...

Natasha Frater: Big City Dreams

The South London dancer has changed locations but her focus remains the same At a young age, Natasha Frater knew that dance was more than...

Watch: Gritty City Episode 1 – “Don’t play yourself”

Gritty Vibes tracks down Queens producer "7achary" as he shreds through the hood and premiers his new track "Don't play yourself" IG: @curbyourgod

Cordell Lewis: Fashion forward

His look may not be what the industry typically wants, but he is what they need

Josh Waters: Mellow Vibes

The Deep South singer bringing you the laid back vibes

Quizz: Hustla music

The Queens musician with the melodic sound Quizz is the first to let people know that he's not a cocky person. The New York rapper...

Pauliie Coston: Queen of the tribe

The NYC designer is kickin it old school In the bustling, fashion forward city of New York, it is not uncommon to see long lines...