Meet Indianapolis’ viral singing sensation



In an entertainment industry highlighted by big cities on the east and west coast, many talented artist who don’t take that voyage often don’t get the same shine. When you’re as good as Lorea Turner however, the shine will find you. The 20 year old vocalist has yet to drop her first project, but still has the midwest buzzing over her serious talent with the mic. Turner’s singing videos go viral on the regular, leaving her 88k followers salivating for what may be next on the horizon. We wanted answers, and Turner was nice enough to give us a few. She revealed she has some big plans in the works, and a bright future envisioned for herself. With her talent already evident to us, we’d have to say we agree.

1. We’ve interviewed a few artist from Indianapolis now. What’s the music scene like in your city & how did it shape your sound?

The music scene is definitely rising. There’s not too much talent that makes it out of the Midwest because more opportunity seems to lie in bigger cities like New York City & LA, but I think I speak for many who are where I’m from when I say it makes me go harder as an artist. Being an artist from Indiana is shaping me into being incredibly authentic. Everyone isn’t doing the same thing. We’re all just in our own lane striving to win & get in where we fit in. 

Creds to @bthompsonmusic

2. What’s your creative process like? What inspires you?

I get inspiration from everywhere. I’m also in college, so the things I go through from the parties to the guys, I always just want to go back to my room and start writing. Sometimes I’ll be thinking something and I’ll open my voice memo and start talking about how I feel. I’ll play it back and turn it into a song. The music I am creating comes from such an authentic and real place.

3. What’s been your favorite memory as a singer thus far?

My favorite memory as a singer so far is having Jessie J fly me to where she was at the time just to meet me, and call me on stage at a performance. She had me sing for executives & others in the industry. It was really cool because at the time I was really new to the industry and I had never been to a major label before. It felt like a dream.

4. Any future projects or collaborations you’d like to speak on?

I am currently in the process of creating my very first project. I have some real dope artists featured on it and I can’t wait for the world to hear! I would love to collaborate with John Legend and Tori Kelly in the future!

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

5 years from now I see myself dominating the entertainment industry. I would love to win many Grammy’s of course, and an Oscar! I have always had a passion for film. I  plan to direct a Hollywood film one day and have a leading role in one as well. I want my voice to be on a major Disney soundtrack because that was one of my dreams growing up. There’s so much I want to achieve. Wherever I am 5 years down the line, I know I’ll be winning.