Believe in Charlamagne.



Written by Sheronda Patton

While I was in Texas for the holidays with my family, I noticed the TV. My brother, at the current moment was watching a Youtube channel. It featured Charlamagne tha God and Joe Budden in a Revolt aired special, This Year Was Dope/Trash. Collectively, they recapped the year 2017 in Hip-Hop. Staying true to their beliefs they spoke about the validity of artists. Executively produced by Charlamagne, the pair was able to captivate the review,  through top 5 lists.

I then told my brother that I wanted to purchase his book, Black Privilege. I thought to myself, “all that hating paid off”. But truly, I respect the man. I appreciate a voice for the culture. He adds highlights to the modern black man. His truthful, unrelenting presence on the airways, renders in piercing the status quo. He says what 1000’s are thinking. Creating his own wave of a media personality, he becomes believable.


Born and raised in South Carolina, his “name” is recognizable nationally. He has an advantage by knowing the right words to say at the wrong time. It creates a perfect conversation around race, hip-hop, politics, and society. Controversial or not we the people, need his outspoken candor. The Breakfast Club member has won many over through his resilience. His anti-falsehood pledge reveals hidden truths. I am proud of my fellow brother. Over the last decade, he has made his work a good habit.  From MTV, Power 105,  to Revolt, his voice has sounded tons of radios and TVs. Charlamagne should be applauded for his proactive usage of his platform. He has earned a fan. I urge you all to believe in Charlamagne.



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