Meet North Carolina’s budding R&B star



If we’ve learned anything since starting Grittyvibes, it’s that small city talent is just as prevalent as the New York’s and LA’s of the world, as our stories feature artists from every region of the country. With that being said, Chloe Chavis, the up and coming singer/songwriter is quickly proving that J Cole isn’t the only thing buzzing out of Fayetteville, North Carolina. The songstress has a unique voice that immediately caught our attention, one that will be on full display when her 2nd EP “Girl Talk” hits the streets in early 2018. For those on the East Coast who wish to see her in person, she is preparing to hit the road for a tour that’ll take her to Atlanta, New York, Miami and DC. We were excited to hear more about her budding career, her humble beginnings and what she has in store next.

 1. What were your beginnings like musically? How did your upbringing and your city form who you are as an artist?

I first started singing in the 7th grade for Willy Wonka the musical. There was so much about singing that got me hooked, but I fell in love with performing first. Writing then followed in addition to vocal expression of singing.

I’m from Fayetteville so I don’t come from a hub of music. The arts aren’t represented considering it’s a military town, so people hardly stay long enough to call it home. I think becoming an artist and creating something bigger than myself is in part, dedicated to my city. I want to be able to pour into the place that shaped me and I guess that motivates me to be the best artist I can be. shout out 9dime.

2. You have an extremely unique and captivating voice. What are some other aspects that  make your music, and yourself distinct?

Thank you! Something I’m proud of as a songwriter, is the honesty I put into each song. I lead with very raw emotion on paper and in the studio, so it’s hard not to give it your all in the booth when you’re writing from the soul.

3. What should we look out for as far as original music? Any upcoming or recently released projects? Upcoming performances?

The next project is GIRL TALK, which is set to drop at the top of 2018. I’m really excited about this project, this is my second EP and kind of follows after The Story Behind just as far as the aftermath of heartbreak. I’m starting to plan my Girl Talk tour which will be the first time I leave my home coast and tour across the states. Before the year ends, I’m travelling randomly just trying to get on any stage I can haha.
Photo by @mr_ways

4. What is your motivation? What pushes you to pursue a career in music? What, if anything do you believe is an obstacle you’d have to overcome to obtaining your ultimate goal?

Love is my biggest inspiration. I think it’s such a powerful and destructive emotion, and I’ve always been intrigued about it. Im motivated by, I guess you could say, the opposite: how people misuse love. Theres a lot of factors as to why people can’t share in vulnerability and  I’m working really hard to create something that will, hopefully spark important conversations on how we as people can love ourselves and each other in a healthy, constructive, and progressive way.
There aren’t many obstacles within my career, I would call them petty inconveniences at best. The real difficulty is within my personal development. Life is simple on the surface doing something I love, singing and connecting with people, is the good stuff. Writing songs is the fun part. Its the inner journey that I find to be the challenge. Its making decisions for my health and my every day life that create problems with everything else. I have to take breaks and check in to make sure im moving towards fulfillment with purposeful intention to get lost in something so vast and every changing as music is.

5. What are your dreams and goals going forward?

My dreams are always changing I think overall at the very end of the day I want to be able to say, I was a positive influence on the world and a nurturing voice that speaks for unity of women, the black community, and love for all people. Which sounds so heavy when I break it down, but I had to determine what would bring me peace when I can no longer do things that bring me immediate satisfaction and to me it will be the legacy of what I contribute to society, my community, and family.

Photo by @camera_r_t

One bonus question: Any other talented artists coming outta NC who we should look into?

There’s talent literally all around us. The people I grew up with, who put me onto music, taught me that every person you meet has a strength you will be inspired by. Its our job to want to be inspired. Mike $antana, my favorite producer, works very close with me in addition to being an amazing creator, father, and man. Brandon Noel, another hometown homie, so smooth with the camera. It’s ridiculous. I’m really excited for the collab im doing with Milan Hightower. There’s just so many people who live a life of passion and I think anything done with passion, is art.
IG: @chloechavis