Meet the R&B star with the voice of GOLD



K Camp’s celebrity basketball game in late November was packed with some Atlanta’s most familiar faces, as the festivities served as a great night for the community. While the game itself was the main attraction, some would argue that that the real show happened before it. With her virtuoso performance of the National Anthem before the game, R&B up and coming star Talea made her bold and unapologetic introduction to the world. The Atlanta based singer immediately surfaced around the internet and ultimately, on the desks of us here at Gritty Vibes as she impressed us both with her vocal range, and her decision to take a knee afterwards. Turns out, Talea is already buzzing in the A, with her latest project “Made in Gold” receiving rave reviews across streaming platforms. We caught up to her to learn more about her story and bright future ahead.

1. So much talent has been coming out of Atlanta as far as music. What does the city mean to you, and what makes your work unique?

The city of Atlanta means everything to me. This is where I was born and raised so it has no choice but to influence who I am as a person. Who I am as a person resonants in my sound. I’m unique in that I am a musician. I love the trendiest of music today but the true essence of R&B isn’t prevalent today amongst the youth. I’m bringing it back with my own flare of course.

2. We were quite impressed by your rendition of the National Anthem, and your knee afterwards. What is your stance on the country’s treatment of people of color? What kind of responses have you received for your performance that night?

This country’s treatment of colored people has always been subpar. I love that Colin , other athletes and people in high social positions have taken a stance to demand equality. The sooner everyone realizes that we are ALL immigrants, the sooner unity can commence. In me kneeling during the anthem I just wanted to show my support and be apart of something way bigger than me. The positive responses that I have gotten has been pleasantly overwhelming.

3. What can we expect from you music wise? Any recent or upcoming releases you’d like to speak on?

Expect the unexpected with me musically unless true music is your expectation. I am always in the studio , progressing and working. The most recent and my first project was released in September. It’s available on all streaming Talea Made In Gold.

4. Who are some artists in your daily playlist right now? Who do you wish to collaborate with one day?

I’m an old soul so you will find anything from The Spinners to Anita Baker. Or you may catch me playing some Two Chainz or Selena. It’s always a wild card with my playlist lol. But one day I definitely would love to collaborate with Miguel. His voice is uniquely beautiful.

5. What’s something you’ve had to overcome to be who you are today?

My biggest battle thus far has definitely been the vocal injury that I suffered in December of 2015. I couldn’t sing for 6 months. Going through that made me appreciate my talent in a whole new respect and taught me how to control my voice better ironically.

6. What’s an ideal session like for you in the studio? How do you get in your creative mode?

It doesn’t take a particular setting for my studio sessions. It’s a mental space for me. I always feel creative that’s why I feel my music is relatable because everyday life inspires me.

7. What are your dreams going forward? Where do you see yourself in five years?

Five years from now the Talea brand and sound will be global!

IG: @Onlytalea