Meet one of Brooklyn’s most underrated artists.


Brooklyn’s finest

When looking at a portrait from Malik Roberts, it’s almost impossible not to walk away feeling something. The Brooklyn based painter and multimedia artist has a knack for taking popular, often controversial images, deconstructing them and creating something unlike anything else on the scene right now. His work seems to draw inspiration from a number of icons, from the Pop Art themes of Warhol to the Neo Expressionism of Basquiat. Fresh off of his first solo show, we caught up to him to hear more about his story.

1. We love how you explore multiple themes and styles in one piece. How would you describe your mindset when creating?

Once I find a subject matter I use whatever is necessary to convey my point. I also wanted to stand out amongst other artists by incorporating different styles while not compromising the piece. Its sort of how I see things, life has layers so I use the different mediums to help build the story of the full piece.

2. The favorite among the Grittyvibes’ team was undoubtedly Hoop Dreams. What would you say your personal favorite is & why?

I honestly don’t have a favorite. Each one has its own energy so I tend to leave it up to the viewers. I just create.
Photo by @hidjifilms and @grave_

3. What’s one piece from another artist that you look at & say “Damn, I wish I made that”?

I guess I would have to say ” Guernica ” by Picasso. The pain and destruction in that piece and the story of that piece is deep as hell and I didn’t realized it until recently.

4. What would you say is your biggest success so far?

It’ll have to be me having my first solo show Nov. 8 . As a artist I’ve worked hard to get to this point were my work is being respected at a gallery level.

5. What’s next for Malik Roberts?

Painting, painting and more painting.