This 17 year old musician is the smoothest singer you’ll hear all day


Tim Johnson Jr is here to stay

A good musician can cover a wide range of songs for sure, but a great one can take a song and make it their own. Tim Johnson Jr still has a long way to go at just 17 years old, but he definitely falls into the second category. The Philly native has been turning heads across Instagram with his serious vocal range and skills as a guitarist. Originally a Philly native, Johnson has taken his talents to LA, a city which may prove to be the perfect place to hone his talents. Johnson has also shown promise as an actor, and we made it our business to hit him up and hear more about his story. Enjoy!

1. Your IG bio says on the way to the dream. What exactly is “The Dream” to you?

Remember that feeling when you were a kid, you would just laugh at anything and dance around for no reason and you couldn’t explain why. You just feel this sense of “wow life is awesome”. My dream is to give this feeling to people. Songs that wanna make you fall in love, songs that make you wanna dance, songs that make you let out a good cry, I wanna be that guy. And I believe the way that I will accomplished that, will be a blessed ride and I want y’all all to come with me.

2. Your covers are spot on. Can we expect some original music coming from you soon?

I grew up on gospel music,  r&b , rock, country and pretty much everything in between. This sound influences my own music that will be coming out in the future (no dates yet). My dad and I work together producing and I write all my music. Writing Is a whole lot of fun to me, a place to express myself and the stories I see around me.
Photo by @matt.marra

3. What’s a typical day like for you artistically? How do you get inspired?

I get inspired by the people around me. From my family, my friends even strangers. Everyone has a story, yet some stories are harder to tell. I want to use my music to tell stories and get down too.

4. We hear Gospel vibes in your music. How important is faith in your work and your life?

I love God! My faith plays a factor in everything I do in my life. A boy from Philly moving to La has been all God. When I was 10 I was blessed to play Young simba on Disney the lion king in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay! That experience was crazy and awesome. My parents and I always prayed if God sent us to the west coast we would move to Los Angeles and now we are here. My younger brother and sister sing, act and entertain as well now. So I know that in all I do ima give my heart and soul because I know I’m here for a reason.

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