Meet the girl with the silver flute: Lea Anderson


Remember the name.

Lea Anderson’s soprano voice, solid melodies and heartfelt tales of love, heartbreak and happiness give us that warm, “Real Music” feeling inside that few others can these days. The R&B artist shifts seamlessly in and out between her vocals and her signature silver flute, keeping her audience under her spell equally either way. With her latest EP “Prounced Lee” She plans on ensuring that the culture will remember this sound, and her name for years to come. She was nice enough to let us ask her a few questions as she worked on some visuals for Pronounced Lee and here’s what went down.

1. We found the flute element about you particularly interesting. Can you explain the passing down of the instrument from your mother and how it’s become a big component in your music?

I began playing the flute when I was in the 4th grade and participated on the marching band and orchestras in high school. I instantly fell in love with the soft sound and it’s unconventional way of needing to be held parallel to the ground. I had absolutely NO idea that my Mother played the flute. It wasn’t until I was an adult and music began choosing me as a vessel did my Mom tell me that she played, too. She showed me videos of Bobby Humphrey and suggested that I begin incorporating the flute into my act. She said that she always thought it was so cool and she believed that I would shine when I start singing and playing together. It’s from the 1960’s and is 100% silver—way fancier than the instrument I learned on. I cherish it, I love it, and I plan on passing it down to my future seed.

2. What makes your content unique? How would you classify your type of sound?

I am Contemporary R&B. That’s where I would place my EP, Pronounced Lee in a record store. Classic rhythm and blues at it’s best. I’m not a cookie cutter image or stereotype, but I’m not very unique either. Like many songwriters before me, I follow my heart and strive to be the best version of me in everything that I create. I grew up on the marching band and orchestra, I spent undergrad being a front woman in a hip-hop band, and I had a career in musical theatre — You can hear those experiences in my music. I don’t know many people who have a foundation like that. I’m sure that sets me apart from many and makes me unique. But my content is something one can listen to, relate with, and potentially help ease heartbreak. It’s my rhythm and blues.

3. You’ve worked with Grammy nominated D-Moet for your EP. If you had to form a dream team of collaborations you wish to have for your next body of work, who would be included?

I’m grateful that I was able to work with such a notable individual. We get along great, he’s a good friend and he supports my vision. There’s no need to fix anything that isn’t broken and we have already started extending my EP into an LP. But since we are dreaming, and I do dream big—here they are. I would love to have a duet with John Legend on my next body of work. I’d like to work producers like Dave Okumu, Raphael Saadiq, Polow da Don, and Mike City. Ooo! and Arnold Hennings! I would love Michel’le, Kandi Burgess, India Arie and Alicia Keyes to assist me with writing. That’s a great dream team, right?

Photo by @up_visions

4. What’s next for Lea Anderson, where can we expect you to take your music talents in the future? 

I am currently filming and creating more visuals for the songs featured on Pronounced Lee. I have a vivid imagination, so I am working really hard to recreate what I see in my mind and finding likeminded artists to help me implement them. Make sure to subscribe to because I am not giving anyone any warning when my next visual is finished so it’s best to watch out! In the future, you can expect to see me working my behind off to take my music all over the world. I’m trying to reach as many people with my inner light as I possibly can. I want to hear my voice in movies, I want to have my lyrics in plays, and I want to establish myself as a touring artist while learning from different cultures and singing to people all over the globe. I want to save the world with my sound.

Oh and a bonus question…any other talented people we should check out?

Most definitely! Definitely look up Lizzy Ashliegh, Katera Anderson and Tenille Janae. All dope singer/songwriters

IG: @iamleaanderson

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