This multi talented artist is primed for her big break


Bria Murphy is a cant miss talent

Every once in a while, we get the pleasure of speaking with someone as diversely talented as this week’s talent, Bria Murphy. For her, different forms of artistry spanning from dancing to acting and modeling are all interlinked and she has pursued all with the same passion and vigor. She’s seen some early success in each of these fields but we have a feeling she’s just getting started. Equally impressive about Murphy is her willingness to give back, namely to the various dance centers in which she’s lent her expertise. We jumped at the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her artistic beginnings, her current endeavors, and her bright, bright future ahead. Enjoy!

1. What was your upbringing like artistically? Were you raised around artist or did you find it on your own?

I started taking dance classes at age 6. I grew up watching my family members dance at holiday parties but I didn’t know that I wanted to pursue a career in dance until I attended the Dance Theatre of Harlem summer intensive when I was 16 years old. 

2. What style of dance are you into? What’s been the experience like for you at Broadway Dance Center?

Ballet is the first style of dance that I studied. I moved to NYC last year to train in musical theatre and commercial dance. I enjoy taking classes at Broadway Dance Center. Currently, I take ballet, hip-hop, jazz and house classes. Hip-hop is one of my favorite styles because I enjoy watching and exploring the musicality and artistry of it. 

3. What was it like for you on set at She’s Gotta Have it and Quantico?

Being on the set of She’s Gotta Have It and Quantico was an awesome experience. I met a lot of artists and it was exciting to see how fast paced a television show operates behind the scenes.

4. With you being into dance, acting and modeling, is there a specific path you wish to take or do you plan on being more of an overall entertainer?

Dance is my passion but I enjoy studying other art forms. I don’t have a specific path I’m following because I enjoy trying new things and my goal is to be a versatile performer. I guess that makes me an overall entertainer. 

5. What are your thoughts on the scene in general as far as these three forms of art? What would you change anything if you could to make it easier for artists hoping to break through?

The dance, acting, and modeling scenes are evolving and new artists are emerging which is refreshing. I think it’s important for rising artists to focus on honing their craft and expressing their uniqueness. 

6. What’s the biggest thing you’ve had to overcome to get where you’re at?

I had to learn to believe in myself in the midst of criticism and not to compare myself to other artists because we’re all beautiful and talented. I also had to learn to enjoy my journey. 


7. Where can we expect to see Bria Murphy in five years?

Five years from now, I will be performing, teaching and inspiring the next generation to love, create, and chase their dreams.


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