Meet the choreographer tearing up the dancing scene


Christina Kim Davis has the moves.

Christina Kim Davis took the four day drive from Philly to LA with a dream in her heart and an undying rhythm that just had to be released. The dancer and choreographer hit the ground running, quickly becoming an inspiration for the young girls back home. Her work beams with emotion, joy and pain as she puts her all into each and every performance. Davis’ bio reads with “Pain comes strength”, a fitting line for the woman making so many others feel strong. We had to make it our business to track her down, and here’s what we heard.

1. What are your earliest memories dancing?

I remember being around the age of 6  and free-styling whenever I heard music . I would enter any dance battle during block parties and cookouts! Everyone loved it I was so small lol and would battle any and everyone no matter the age difference.

Braids by @jnicole____

2. What makes your style unique? What would you say makes a good dancer?

My style is unique  because of the passion behind my movement and energy. I started dancing to release, any pain and to find peace. When you watch me dance I tell a story a story you can relate to, my movement is aggressive and loud so it draws you in. From my clothing , hairstyle to the movement it self. A good dancer to me is passionate. A good dancer you can watch even without music and feel the energy. A good dancer is hungry and leaves room for Growth. A good dancer performs

Photo by @jnicole____

3. What’s the proudest memory or accomplishment you’ve had since you started dancing?

My proudest memory is receiving calls and messages from kids and peers back at home in Philly; telling me how much I am a inspiration for them.  Being able to show that you can do it no matter where you are from . I remember my first commercial which was sketchers with Meghan trainor and the messages and calls I received was mind blowing. I then realized how much I can speak by doing what I love. How much I can help and show others push to make dreams reality.

Photo by @michymilli

4. Who would you like to collaborate with in your career?

I would love to collaborate with Chris Brown! Literally a dream. He is iconic in so many ways, so I  would love to experience dancing with such and inspiration to Art itself.

5. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In the next five years I see myself owning my own and first dance studio. I will be really getting my clothing line up and running. And I will have danced with top names in the industry such as Chris brown, Missy Elliot and Usher . I will be traveling and teaching classes all over the world. And have a brand for my self.

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