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The singer can be next up out of the city.

The ATL’s current music scene is a sizzling hotbed of hip hop, trap and R&B that has taken the culture, and the world by storm. To stand out in a city full of artist and creatives is an accomplishment in itself, and Destiny Briona is starting to do just that. The R&B artist has found a middle ground between her impressive vocals and dense lyricism, bringing a well rounded sound to the culture. She caught our attention with her singing videos on IG and after checking out her “In too deep” EP, her talent was confirmed. She took the time out to answer a few questions about her city and her work to us. Enjoy!

1. What were your earliest memories in Atlanta musically? Do you think the city shaped your style of music?

My earliest memories would have to be about when I was eleven. This is when I started getting into recording and things of that. My uncle writes music so I spent a lot of time in studios. I would never record but I would always watch and that inspired me. The city has definitely inspired my style. I listen to a lot of Atlanta artist and I feel like my music shows that. If someone were to listen to my music, they’d know just from my attitude in songs that I’m from ATL. I feel like I watched Atlanta a little bit form into the new music scene. It motivated me because I felt like I was in the right place.

2. What would you say makes what you do unique?

What’s unique about me is that none of my songs sound the same. You never know what to expect from me. I’m one of those female singers that can go off on a song but still bring you vocals. An example is my infamous cover to “1 Night” by Lil Yachty. If somewhere were to read my lyrics, they’d assume I was a rapper but once you listen to the song.. you can hear my vocals coming through.

Photo by @spookylevithagawd

3. What’s been the biggest thing you’ve had to over come to get where you are so far?

The biggest thing I’ve had to overcome was balancing my everyday life and trying to do music. I am a college student and also work a 9 to 5. It’s difficult running from a6:30 class to a show I have in the city at 8 PM. Not to mention, I do everything on my own. There’s no team behind me. I write everything I make so it’s super challenging trying to get it all together but this is my passion so I’ve been working hard.

Photo by @lukethesap

4. What/who inspires you? Who do you wish to collaborate with?

My inspiration is Aaliyah and a lot of 90s R&B groups such as Xscape, TLC, etc. I wish music was still like that honestly. I want to collaborate with Drake. He’s so amazing and to work with him would honestly be a dream come true. Female wise, I would love to work with Jhenè Aiko. We’d make a hit about weed. 

5. Where can we expect you in five years? What are your dreams?

Over the next 5 years, I hope I’m signed into a good deal with a label. I also hope that I’ve charted on the Billboards at least once. My dream is just to be happy and make music. I don’t do it for the money so that isn’t really a focus but it’s definitely a plus. I just want to share my music with a bigger audience. I have something to say always and I want people to hear me.
IG: @Destinybriona

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