Malachi Wright: The 15 year old Chicago artist is an unbelievable talent


The limitless talent is just getting started

Most artists have a distinct style that remains constant throughout their work. You can spot a Van Gogh piece by its Post Impressionist style or a Picasso by its Cubism for example. With Malachi Wright however, this isn’t the case. The self taught talent has shown no boundaries artistically as he’s displayed just as much promise as a cartoonist as he has mimicking classical styles. his ‘Creation of Kanye’ piece caught our eye and we decided to track him down and hear from him ourselves. Enjoy!

1. What’s being a 15 year old artist from Chicago like for you? Is there a good amount of support for what you do?

It’s great! Chicago’s great, and with me being only 15 I feel it makes it better for me. It’s sort of a head start to whatever I want to do in the future. There’s tons of inspiration and a lot of support from everywhere. I’m encouraged by my friends, family, and fans everyday and it means a lot. I always remember to stay humble and thank god for all my success.

2. What makes your style unique as an artist?

I feel what makes my style unique is my range of styles and creativity. I feel all artists are different even in the slightest techniques. But I feel my style stands out in its own way because of the mix of different genres in one piece.

3. What was your thought process going into your creation of Kanye piece?

Honestly I was at school and we were doing projects on theatre. So one group that presented had the Italian renaissance and they were talking about Michelangelo. Then basically I thought to myself I’d be dope to revamp one of his pieces. Then I seen the ‘Creation Of Adam’ painting and I instantly thought Kanye. Then I just went in from there.

4. What advice would you give to an aspiring artist?


I’d say the most average but true quote which is practice makes perfect. Don’t give up on yourself and let everything be an inspiration to you. Expand your thinking and so can do so much more.

5. Your artistry has came so far from 2014. Where do you think you’ll be in the next few years?


Hopefully I’ll be known worldwide. I plan to hopefully more advanced in different styles of art like animation, writing, and film production. I just want to do so much more and hopefully see my work on movies, tv shows and practically anything I can get it on.