Artist Profile: Jagged Josh


The fast rising artist has big plans

In a generation where social media following and artistry often go hand and hand, there are always artist who’s talents may go unseen by most of the general public. For a while, that was Jagged Josh. As of late though, the innovative visual artist has seen his audience bloom and his pieces get more and more fanfare. While a few major reposts may have helped, his momentum is directly connected to the creative consistency that he’s pumped out over the web. His crossover pieces often blend separate universes together in ways that few other artists can, and his cartoons have become more and popular across social platforms. We chatted with Josh to discuss his work, his inspirations and his dreams for the future. Enjoy!

1. How did you get into art? Did you come up around artists?

I’ve been drawing since I was a baby, and have been doing graphic design/digital work since I was 10, I’m 21 now. Every chance I had I took it to doodle, or use the early versions of Photoshop and MS Paint to get the ideas in my head onto a tangible source. I guess you can say I grew up around artists; my entire family is a misfit band of creatives. My father was a Children’s pastor for many years, and would always find creative ways to get the kids excited about lessons, and it was mostly through amazing visuals. My brother is a graphic designer and my sister draws as well. I also surround
myself with friends who have creative thought processes and visions as well to motivate me and push me even harder as an artist.

2. Where do you get your inspiration from and how do you translate that into
your work?

Most people see the world for what it is; people, cars, buildings, nature, animals, etc. When I see the world, I see beautiful colors, stories waiting to be told, and the ever so often thought, “I wonder what that would look like as a cartoon.” My inspiration comes from many other artists, but also from just seeing the world as God’s colorful
canvas, and I want to explore it every chance I get. As far as translating it into my work, I like to take a familiar face (or thing) and give it a creative spin the best way I can, and I think that’s why my work stands out.

3. What’s one piece of art that you wish you made? What’s one of your pieces that you’re most proud of?

I really wish I made that DragonBall Z rapper portrait by @the_wright_artist. It was amazing. I know I could’ve done that too, but the idea never came to me. That, and literally any art piece by @itsmcflyy (he’s one of my biggest inspirations and I aspire to be on his level some day). But one of my most prized pieces for me has to be the
Culture 2 cover I made. I told Takeoff I wanted to do the cover to Culture 2 and he liked the idea I had. Took me months to get it done and a few days to execute, but I think it’s one of my best pieces yet (just wish Migos reposted it lol).

4. How has your following grown since you first started? Do you feel that having a big following is important as an artist?

I honestly have no idea how my following on Instagram grew so fast. Yea, I did the occasional big page promo, but never did I expect to reach 18k so quickly. I was literally at like, 800 at the beginning of this year (or something like that, from what I know for sure, my friend told me I was at 2k sometime in May). I think having a big
following isn’t all that important, but at the same time it is. I know the designer for Lil Uzi and 21 Savage (@fqrris) only has about 2k, and he eating right now lol. But I think the following helps when big people want to work with you, it reassures them that you’re serious and that someday soon, you’ll be the go-to guy for cartoon work.

5. What are your dreams & goals going forward?

One of my biggest goals is to work for companies such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Adult Swim, Netflix and others to be an illustrator and/or animator. I’m actually working on an animated Pilot episode of my own cartoon show in hoping one of those guys notice and pick it up, so stay tuned. There’s also another big project I have in the works but I’m not spilling the beans on that one just yet. Other than that, I want to collaborate with big clothing and fashion companies as well such as Nike, Adidas, Bape, Vans, Fear
of God and many others. I want to share my creative mindset with the world in many ways, more than just your regular Instagram post. And I’m confident that by next year, if I work hard enough, I’ll reach most of those goals, and pretty soon I know the name
“jaggedjosh” will be known by many, many more.

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