Siri: The Bay area artist is doing things her way



Amidst an instrumental that can only be described as “Trippy”,  the up and coming musician known as Siri skillfully spits about life, and her place in it with lines such as:”I stay true to who I am and what I want to do, cuz finding your inner light, it all starts with you.” Siri has the sound of an artist going through an awakening and her music, which consist of a mixture of rapping and singing, makes it tempting for listeners to take that journey with her. The staff here at Gritty Vibes took the trip, and we came out on the other end happy that we did. We decided to chat with the mind behind the music and hear her take on things. Enjoy!

1. Where are you from? Do you think your hometown plays a part in your musical style? 
I am from East Oakland, California. The bay is known for being influential when it comes to artistic expression and i definitely think that where i was raised and how plays a huge part in my artistry. Although i don’t make the normal “hyphy” music that people are used to coming out of my area, the way that i speak and how i present my flows are very influenced by bay area vernacular.

2. By just scrolling through your IG, it’s evident that you have a very unique image, with your bold choices of hair colors and outfits. What would you say to those who may be too shy or insecure to present themselves as fearlessly as yourself?

My image comes from me embracing my insecurities and learning how to only value my opinion of myself.growing up i didn’t fit in during grade school which lead to me being alienated by my peers. eventually i realized that the only reason this was happening to me is because i was not meant to follow a pack or be apart of a crowd. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and unless they embrace that nobody else will.

3. What’s been your favorite memory since you started making music? Any performance or studio stories that yo’d like to share?

I honestly don’t have a favorite memory because all the moments and energy i have been able to share with other artists that are coming up/i look up to has really just been so surreal. Being on this journey and having my best friends surrounding me and growing with me is truly something beautiful. just watching us grow on our own accords and get shown love at every show is probably my favorite thing since i have started to make music.

4. Any music that we should be looking out for on the horizon?

I’m working on a project that  i plan to put out before the summer, aside from that i am just going to school, doing shows, and having fun. There are a lot of things that i have been sitting on that i plan to release soon so just be on the look out. Also recently me and my homegirls started an experimental all girl band called “Grocery Outlet” and we are hoping to play some shows soon/ get started on our first project together.

5. What are your long term goals as a musician?

This honestly started out as a hobby and slowly but surely became a passion of mine. Personally, i use this outlet of expression in order to heal and expand my mind. Hopefully everything will continue to go well and in the process of my healing i will keep being blessed with the opportunity to heal others.

Photocreds – @_jamiejamster, @mistahdrinkmorewater

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