Talent of the day: Devri Velazquez


The Austin Tx native is more than just a writer.

When Devri Velazquez’s puts her thoughts to paper, what ensues is a diverse range of thoughts and ideas, spanning from everything such as hair tips to much heavier subject matter. These heavy topics include her fight as an Auto Immune Disease warrior, a cause that she is passionate about in her life as well as her work. As a writer, her work has graced the pages of Blavity, Conecole, Allure, Refinery29 and more. She is even more treasured as an inspiration for the younger generations though, as the Texas native serves as a champion for Auto Immune Disease fighters everywhere. We caught up with her to talk life. Enjoy!

1. What was your upbringing like in Austin? Can you think of any moment in particular that led you towards writing?

I moved to Austin when I was 5. I enjoyed exploring, meeting all kinds of people, eating different food and seeing cool art while being fortunate to live in a place that was clean and safe enough for me to satisfy my hunger for freedom of expression and speech.
photo by @briophoto

2. If you could choose one piece you’ve written that best describes you, what would it be?

I am evolving every day and I have been writing every day since I learned to write. It has always truly been my passion, and for that reason I can’t say that just one piece sticks with me most. I do love writing poetry and prose more than anything else.

3. Some people feel that reading and writing as a hobby is dying, as millenials would rather scroll on tablets and phones. What would you say to those people?

Reading will allow a person to learn more about the perspectives of people who have lived a life outside of themselves, and writing gives them a chance to manifest their own reality. It’s a win-win. Reading and writing give you the power to draw a closeness to yourself that no other person on this earth will ever provide.

4. What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome?

Being diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease at the age of 20 was by far the most terrifying, trying, and also rewarding experience I have had in my life. A near-death experience opens anyone’s eyes in a different way forever.

5.  What are your dreams for the future as a writer?

If I can make someone’s eye twitch or their heart flutter with an inkling of curiosity in discovering the truth of their own journey, then I have done my job as a writer.
Photo by @indivialistic