Gritty City: New York’s top underrated talents! (Volume 4)


This week’s five can’t miss talents

4 weeks and 20 talented artist later, we’re still going strong profiling the top talents in the city. From musicians to YouTube stars, we touch base on it all this week. If you have what it takes, hit our email –

By Terrelle Lue

  1. ClassicalMeme 

First on todays’ list is classicalmeme. Now this girl is the epitome of captivating. We’ve followed her for well over 2 years now and every now and again she disappears due to Instagram guidelines and overly sensitive followers. But when she comes back , people notice and that says a lot. Classicalmeme is a FREE SPIRIT. We’ve noticed overtime the way she has chosen to express herself has only become more and more of an art form. From eye catching videos and revealing photos to montages of her crying with foreign movies playing in the background or even just her dancing various styles, Classicalmeme keeps you engaged and once you do that , the CLOUT starts pouring in. Through her own self exploration/suffering she has taught others to be comfortable in their own skin as well as not feel the need to justify their desires when it comes to others.  If you’re looking to spice up your feed, look no further. Classicalmeme is here and she ready to steal the show, Fo Sho’.
IG: ClassicalMeme


East Gunhill Road up in the BX is where you will find this rapper. It took 20 seconds for this rapper to peak my interest & 30 seconds for me to want to write about him. Some people just have that effect. What does the DWH stand for you ask? Dream Work Hustle … says a lot about him doesn’t it. Most people know him via his remake of “WHY” by Jadakiss, that has 10k views on youtube. But we came across Josh DWH a year ago when we saw his video for “Lately”. The intro begins with his friend coming at him, telling him he isn’t utilizing his abilities and how it is HIS TIME. Thats all it took for us to dive into Josh’s discography and listening to the growth. We at Gritty Vibes can honestly say that, Josh has been progressing his talent and gets better with every track. If you’re a music junkie who loves lyricism and chill vibes , then i suggest you listen to “7 AM IN MIAMI”. I don’t even want to write a memorable bar from Josh because I want you to get the FULL effect. Just go check him out.

IG: iamjoshdwh
Soundcloud: Josh DWH

  1. Sydnee Leu

Next, we have an upcoming youtube star. Her name is Sydnee and she hopes her message reaches you well. 4 months in and with every video you get a sneak peek of who she is and you leave learning something new about yourself. Sydnee is a force and has that spark. If you have questions pertaining to yourself in any aspect, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, etc tune in. Sydnee will begin to stimulate you and you will begin your journey of self exploration and hopefully your higher calling. Throughout her channel you will find videos covering topics such as: friendships, self love. self care, prayer, & my favorite book of all time, The 5 Love Languages. What a promising start for a woman who just began , but with close friends, like Reyna Biddy, who pursue their dreams around her, I doubt she won’t be the next big thing. Let your doors FLY open from here on out queen.

IG: SydneeLeu
Youtube: Sydnee Leu

  1. Turk_NY

In a world where mumble rap seems to be the “thing” it’s a great feeling when you come across artist with lyricism. Turk_NY is one of those people. From a town that has produced notable artist like Stack Bundles (R.I.P.) , Turk is on the come up. His style varies each track but one thing you can’t dispute , Turk has a way of appealing. His track “Resect on Me”, now standing at over 25k plays on soundcloud,  shows his versatility. Turk isn’t your average bar for bar rapper, he has the ability to tell a story while also planting his foot in your mind with role play and emotional content. But don’t get us wrong, Turk can also deliver some punchlines that you can greatly appreciate. Turk shows balance and very few rappers show this talent early in their careers. But if Turk is showing this kind of capability , its only a matter of time. With just a few projects under his belt, Turk makes sure you know the possibilities for him aren’t limited , but instead limitless.
IG: Turk_NY
Soundcloud: Turk NY

5. Michael Fiya

Reigning from Queens with HUBRIS, Michael Fiya speaks from a place of experience. Earlier this year he released first debut EP, “First Take EP”. A project with both east & west coast influences and NO FEATURES.  I do not understand how a guy could produce the kind of music he does & not have a large following. Michael Fiya has been flying under the radar but that all stops today. With lyrics like,  “Why settle for good when great is at arms reach, I see you haters on the way up , n**** pardon me, Michael shows that he can deliever and that he’s capable of creating music with meaning. This man contains too much talent for him to not be spoken about. If you want to get the full Michael Fiya experience, I recommend listening to “Love”. You’ll get a full dose of Michael’s potential.
IG: Michael_Fiya
Soundcloud: Michael Fiya