Gritty City: Meet New York’s Most Underrated Creatives (Vol 3)


Can’t stop, won’t stop

Since the series has proven to be a big hit, we’ve decided to keep the ball rolling and bring attention to a few more people who have been grinding hard here in NYC and are deserving of some recognition. Once again if you know some people who have been putting in work and you believe they deserve a spot on this list, email us, We’ll take it into consideration.

List by Terrelle Lue

Devvon Terrell

First on our list is Devvon Terrell. This guy… he leaves us speechless. He is bringing R&B back and there are plenty of people who have no idea who he is despite his 205k followers on Instagram. He’s been around for a while and usually goes viral whenever he makes a cover of the hottest song at the time. These songs include Controlla by Drake , Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled & Work by Rihanna, just to name a few. He’s repping BK to the fullest and we’ve been avid listeners for well over 2 years. His growth not only an artist but as a person has been outrageous. He has just released his new album, Weird Nights, on iTunes and I encourage you ALL to go listen to it.
IG: DevvonTerrell


We’ve had the opportunity to meet Tristvn at an art event in the city. This guy is quiet, but that’s just the outer layer. Once you look at him you can tell there is a lot going on in his mind and his outlet is his work. His work includes graphic design, animation, painting and more. Tristvn is unorthodox to say the least ,but thats what makes his work great. He is consistent, BOLD, unique. and controversial. If you’re looking for a twist on popular brands like Supreme or Vans, popular movies like Meet the Fockers, or just a quick animation for an event, Tristvn can do it and in record timing. There was a piece he did back on May 26, 2017 of SZA’s album cover, CTRL, that caught the eye of all of us here at Gritty Vibes. In the animation, he put various videos on the screens behind her as well as the static of the channels changing. ONE WORD…INCREDIBLE. People really don’t understand how difficult this work is and to be able to put it out back to back like he does is an accomplishment. If you’re looking for a creative mind who CAN and WILL deliver a cold logo or a dope animation, Tristvn is your guy. He has an arsenal of talents.
IG: @Tristvn


When you talk about consistency … OR1EL and his family are the embodiment of it. Daily you can find them either in NYC train stations or in popular parks like Union or Washington Square. This family is full of creatives. Or1el and his wife not only display/sell their art, but they also encourage their daughter, Zoelle, to create and sell as well. We were walking through Washington Square one day when we saw a little girl running with her mom. Behind them was a lemonade stand with art hung on the rail and since that day, we’ve been #teamZoelle ever since. This family has a intense drive to be creative, inspire, & teach. We at Gritty Vibes are enjoying every second of it. Or1el has come a LONG way from the stomping grounds of Brooklyn College. He brings life to the phrase “What’re you doing after your 9-5 to better yourself” ? WE SALUTE YOU KING.

New York Nico

Along with being a filmmaker, NewYorkNico is an innovator. He’s brought light to people like @TMStoomuchswag , @Charliedawolf , & many others. These are people not everyone would approach but Nico on the other hand, wouldn’t hesitate to. He isn’t afraid to approach someone and ask them a question or even just a hold camera in their vicinity to get their outfit. Regardless of his methods, in that short amount of time Nico propels everyone forward. He puts his platform to great use and lets the world know that New York City isn’t all people in suits or timbs. We have people of different shades & various characters walking around on a daily basis. Kudos to Nico for keeping the culture alive.
IG: NewYorkNico

Devale Ellis

From Hofstra University to the NFL to NOW being a part of “This Is Black Love” on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). Devale Ellis has come a LONG way ,but his journey wasn’t solo. When you see a strong man you know a strong woman is not too far behind and for Devale his wife, Khadeen Ellis, has been by his side for it all. This couple is the epitome of Black Love and there’s a comfort you feel when you know this kind of love exist in your own backyard. Following his NFL run, Devale branded himself in a way that showed his character. This was the first step through the door which lead to a bunch of comedy skits on social media and to a youtube serious that today stands at just over 13.5k subscribers. Devale’s face has been seen on popular shows like Power (S2 Ep9) and Master of None (S2EP6) as well as various commercials. We at Gritty Vibes are positive that his roles will continue to grow and Devale’s influence will continue to inspire others as well. Off the screen, Devale has a group of athletes he trains under his brand, “Elite Prototype Athletics”. He has helped various kids from the NYC area take their talents to the rosters of D1, D2, & D3 football programs and some even into the NFL. Devale overall is INVOLVED in his community and it shows in the interaction he has with his family and fan base. Devale shows us that , success is not a destination its a journey, and that when you honor yourself and KNOW what you bring to the table, overtime, people will see your vision and support you. Today Devale is a husband and father of two. For me personally, Devale inspires me to become a father one day. In my eyes, Devale Ellis is a success, but what’s so great about him is that he knows there is more to life and A L O T more to be accomplished. We at Gritty Vibes are hoping one day #DevalesTruth turns in a TV show so the world can see how real, real love is, and what you can do when you have support. Till then continue to grow. It’s only a matter of time.