Five more New Yorkers who are cooler than you

By Terrelle Lue

Oh you thought there was just 5 people we were watching closely? No way, this is NYC baby. Every corner you stand on you can spot a talented individual. If you know someone or think you belong on this list , Hit our email. We’ll take it into consideration.


 Kasi is someone who does not get the recognition she deserves, at all. She’s an published photographer hailing from the BX and she’s always in the city taking photos of her roots. Kasi has what we like to call the eye for the inner beauty in NYC. She some how finds gems in what we see everyday. Whether it be the train tracks of an undisclosed location or the guys at at the court playing a quick game of 21. Kasi will turn it into a work of art. She is notable, and has received credit and cosigns from members of ASAP MOB and she has also extended her hand into royal roots via working with T’yanna Wallace, Daughter of the late Notorious BIG as well and many others. Find Kasi on her IG: _KASINATORPHOTOS


Since we’re covering the bronx we HAVE to mention the b-boy crew ,THEBBOYREBLELS. who are they? They’re those guys you find dancing on the subway platform, on the train car, and majority of the time in traffic heavy areas such as TIMES SQUARE. THESE GUYS ARE TALENTED. There is no other way to put it. We first spotted them after seeing this little kid (Kid Break of the Syrupkids) shooting a video with his older brother (Style Ski) of their dance routine in Union Square to the song, Finna Get Loose by Diddy. That video later went Viral. We don’t know much about these guys because there are so many of them ,but whenever we spot them we make sure we find a good place to sit its definitely about to be SHOWTIME ! TheBBOYREBELS are a collective of dancers who all have a special gift they bring to the table and make sure you stay for seconds. These boys are captivating and its not long before you see them on the MainStage . Trust us. Follow them on IG: _THEBBOYREBELS


OKAY 3 Words. UNDER THE RADAR. Let us paint this picture. Bushwick Brooklyn, Graffiti covered walls, DJ booth against the wall, Christmas lights & a Microphone. This was the scene in a crowded room full of people when this MC was introduced to me. He was the first one to grace the microphone that night and man did he steal the show. “Don’t care if you’re older than me , I doubt you barely cold as me, You cut your own leg off that mean you met your own defeat.” This kid is a lyricist and he goes by the name of TR3. You may not know him now but you will. He is currently working on a project and we’re sure it will be his first step BIG into the music world of NYC. Check out his soundcloud,


You have a party? Don’t know how to get a sure crowd of people? Know this name. Levar. Levar is one of the most INFLUENTIAL people in NYC. Think we’re lying ? Give this guy a party last minute. Let him make one status, one post. You’ll have minimum 200 people, if not more, standing outside trying to get in. He has shared the stage with Travis $cott numerous times, brushed shoulders with Lenny Kravitz, and just this past weekend he was backstage at AFROPUNK 2017. In addition , Levar is one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. We’ve had the honor to meet him once and the guy was on his way down south on a BIKE in hopes to find himself. He is no different from you and I. Only difference is Levar knows his impact to the community and is not afraid to let his HATERS know it. “ To my haters, I will successful in life, and you can hold my sack from the back”


Kay Graciela. That name will soon be all across MAGAZINES, BILLBOARDS, & in the mouths of the most notable people in the fashion world. Kay Graciela is a NYC based fashion designer. You need a dress for prom, an event, or just something to STUNT on your night out with your girls? Kay is who you should get into contact with ASAP. Her dresses are flawless & at one point were being mimicked and featured on other credible sites without her permission. If thats not an indication that KAY is a FORCE to be reckoned with…idk what is. Did we forget to mention KAY is ORIGINAL ? Some of her dresses may be inspired but Kay definitely knows how to make it her own. Originality is a loss art today and she definitely has a hand in revitalizing that. In addition to her work, Kay’s character shines. She’s friendly, She’s courteous, & She believes in herself. A personality like that is hard to miss. With her morale its not hard to see why she has such a strong following and an account full of emails from women who want to buy from her. Kay is incredible. Go see for yourself. You can find some of Kay’s dresses on IG: ShopKayBrand