Meet the 15 year old who’s next to blow in NYC’s music scene


The kid is NEXT UP

The A$AP collective dropped their latest group effort this month, as the 17 track album featured some of Hip Hop’s finest names. Among artists like Joey Bada$$, Quavo and Frank Ocean though, a little known New York artist managed to find his way on to the project and steal the show. Smooky Margielaa is a 15 year old artist from the Bronx NYC who’s already mastered the talent of sneaking clever wordplay into catchy melodies. His YouTube views are bulging by the day and he’s already receiving major cosigns from Rocky and Ferg and Facetiming the likes of P. Diddy. His Instagram handle reads “Whois.smookymargiella”, but at the rate he’s going, it won’t be long until the world finds out.