Meet the young guitarist who is blowing up over the web

The Nashville musician is on the fast track to stardom

When Melanie Faye grabs a guitar, what happens next can only be described as the result of a pure talent doing what she was born to do. While she has the look of a protege who has been working at her craft for as long as she can remember, Faye doesn’t quite have the traditional come up story. “The real reason I play guitar is because of Guitar Hero III on Xbox 360,” She says. “That was the most influential game of my entire childhood.” Her video game beginnings are a clear indicator of her age, but her musical prowess has proven to be mature beyond her years. The meteoric rise from Xbox to up and coming star is notable, and set her up to be a name to watch in the industry.

PHOTOCREDS – @Leolenses

“Performing makes me more approachable to people,” She says. “It’s fun getting to interact with different individuals from all walks of life.”

Faye’s beginnings are rooted in Nashville, Tennessee, a place known as “Music City” for its number of musical icons who call it home. Her parents on the other hand, took a different route. “I wasn’t brought up in musical family,” She says. “Both of my parents were chemists and neither of them played any instruments.” Her mother though, did show interest in the arts, particularly dancing. Signing Faye and her sister up for classes never stuck though, and she found herself instead falling in love with the feeling she received from music. Her early playlist was filled with iconic artist who no doubt influence her sound of today. “In the house, I remember always listening to Michael Jackson,” She says.

As of lately, Faye’s video’s of her shredding the guitar have seen her following explode on Instagram, jumping from under 10 thousand followers, to 52 thousand at the time of this story. Her signature sound can be heard on songs like her newest single “b-cool”, or various viral vids on her IG page. The best part about what she does in her opinion though, is her live shows. “Performing makes me more approachable to people,” She says. “It’s fun getting to interact with different individuals from all walks of life.” Expect her fanbase to keep growing, as her and her Jazz guitar reaches new levels of success. The teenage artist is still just getting started in her journey, but as her stock grows with new music and shows, it’s clear that Melanie Faye is becoming a Guitar Hero in her own right.

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