Coming in ya lane! NYC’s TOP streetball players Vol. 3


The hood favorites

The month of August means playoff basketball in the city, the time where contenders and pretenders are separated at last. While many hoopers are exposed on the black top, expect these five to rise to the occasion.

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Devin Brooks


Whether he’s balling overseas or on the blacktop, When you see Devin Brooks on the court, expect it to be a SHOW. The flashy uptown guard has been shamgod’n dudes since his days at St Rays, and his tight handle and no look passes have been on full display this summer in tournaments around the city. The former Creighton stud is a tough cover heading to the basket, and when his jumper gets going, its bound to be a long night for whoever’s in front of him.


Malcolm Grant


Malcolm Grant may play the point, but make no mistake: The dude is a born scorer who has put up insane numbers in West 4th and pretty much all of the premier tournaments elsewhere. His primary weapon is his lethal shot, which he often pulls from RANGE. He’s able to get his shot off on defenders with length thanks mostly to his signature off centered stepback. After balling in Villanova and starring at Miami, he’s found his home in the Slovenian Premier league.


J Will


J Will’s game can be summed up by his nickname: 4 THE KILL. When the Brooklyn guard smells blood, he attacks, and when he’s paired in the backcourt with Brooklyn Stompers guard Jo-Jo Swift, the duo is tough to stop. His tournament of choice is Gersh, where he feeds off the rowdy Brooklyn crowd. The former Texas Tech guard pulls from three early and often, and once the crowd gets behind him, expect J Will to go 4 the kill every time.

Kedar Edwards


Kedar Edwards goes by Superman on the court, but good luck finding his Kryptonite. Edwards has a well rounded game complete with a solid mid range shot, an underrated eye for playmaking and the ability to finish with all kinds of contact. Edwards is deceptively athletic too and if you’re not careful, you may get punched on. Fresh off a successful senior year at UT Martin, he’s picked up right where he left off on the summer circuit.

Mike Poole


Mike Poole goes by the “Pool Shark” in streetball circles because of his risky but effective game. Don’t expect Poole to bother going all the way to the basket too much. The Queens guard relies on his trusty floater that is butter more often than not. He brings a calm and collective aura to the rowdy streetball circuit, usually suiting up for the Sean Bell All-stars. His mid range shot and long threes make him a lethal threat in tourneys across the city, as well as internationally. The former Rutgers/Iona standout to scooped up a number of accolades this past winter in Canada, and has been equally effective all summer.

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