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Exclusive interview with Cali rapper J. Hurt


The Cali artist has just dropped his best project yet

When listening to “Woe”, J. Hurt’s second single off of his latest project Between Heaven and Benjamins, the Cali bred emcee flows effortlessly over a thumping bass with the confidence of a seasoned artist in the game. Those who don’t pay close enough attention though, may miss the serious content and lyrical dexterity displayed in the track from start to finish. In a sense, that dynamic is what makes J. Hurt so promising. He’s managed to show his ability to make quality songs, while not sacrificing the depth of his content in the process. At the rate he’s going, he has the potential to join the short list of rappers who have managed to combine the best of both worlds and breakthrough in the industry. Before any of that though, we made sure we sat down and talked to him first. Enjoy!

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  1. Great read. Can you tag me as the photographer. I had the opportunity to capture this amazing artist.