Five questions with rock band Shinobi Ninja


The veteran rock band isn’t going ANYWHERE

On Shinobi Ninja’s hit track entitled “Bending Spoons”, a beautiful black figure is seen dancing to the backdrop of an enchanting, serene sounding tune. The track, and its accompanying video have a refreshing sort of appeal to it, one that shows little to no interest in fitting in to whatever box the mainstream hopes to stuff it in. The same can be said about the group as a whole. The eccentric Rock Band has been doing things their way for what seems to be forever now, and while they’ve experimented with various styles and themes over the years, they’ve managed to maintain the very essence that makes them unique. The group, which once described itself as having “No rules and no walls”, has been held together with the help of its rock, longtime member Baby G. While each member is of equal importance to the their success, Baby G is the glue who holds the moving parts together. We talked to her about the Shinobi Ninja’s past successes, and what it has in store for the future.

1. How did you guys come together and create Shinobi Ninja?

We all met in Hells Kitchen in NYC. Some of us came into the band a little later and the line up you see now has been the line up for the longest time. We just got together and started writing music and it lead to what we have created today.

2. What do you think makes you unique & stand out as a collective?

We do our own thing. We are an independent band and we tend to stray our own way as opposed to follow the mainstream. Our music is eclectic which makes us stand out in itself.

3. Any recently released or soon to be released projects that you’d like to speak on?

We have definitely been working on new music. We played around with some new ideas this time around so it’s still the same Shinobi but we trying new things so it’s kind of a little different. Stay tuned…

4. What’s been the biggest obstacle that you’ve faced since starting the group?

I would say trying to find a good manager has been a big obstacle. It’s hard to find loyal hard working people but we finally found our guy.

5. Where do you guys plan on taking it? What are your dreams and goals going forward?

-We plan on going to the top! We want to play big festivals around the world, rock Madison Square Garden and win Grammys to say the least. We plan on doing all this plus much more.

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