Five questions with Raven Lee


The small town artist with the big time skills.

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Raven Lee, the Deep South artist with a unique Afrocentric style. We hit her up to get her take on life and art. Enjoy!

Where are you from & what was your upbringing like?

I’m from Zachary Louisiana a small town right outside Baton Rouge. I’ve always had a nice middle class life, my parents provided me and my siblings anything we ever wanted and needed.

How’d you get into art?

I was always into art. I was the kid that had tons of coloring books and crayons and markers everywhere, I didn’t start taking it seriously until high school when I really started to enjoy it and saw the beautiful pieces I created, from that point I started buying my own supplies and started selling pieces.


What inspires your work?

My inspiration comes from many places mostly my spiritual journey that I represent through nature and space. When I’m not inspired I don’t paint because I like to stay true to the process and let the universe guide me into something natural and not forced.


How would you describe your personality?

I’m very care free lol almost too care free because I lose sight of somethings but I know myself enough to get myself back on track. I don’t follow rules, I have issues with authority and I don’t care of others opinions so I definitely live a free spirited life.

What’s your overview of being black in America?

Shit being a black woman in America is obviously an obstacle I try to encourage and support young black men and women when I can because we have so much negativity surrounding us, we have to constantly lift each other up I don’t think any of the oppression will get better because it’s so embedded into the system but the revolution is coming soon and it will be televised.


What’s next for you?

Starting in the fall I will be a sophomore at southern university I’m studying civil engineering and hope to get an on the field job while doing my art on the side I also want to get into construction management and interior design.

Interview by Travion January

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