Check out this dope crew’s reenactment shoot for “The Warriors” movie

The classic movie is given new life

Almost 40 years ago, The Warriors shook the cinema world up, giving an eccentric portrayal of gang life in New York City. The movie has gone down as a timeless classic, gaining fans of all ages throughout the years. One fan in particular was Erewil Ferreira. The young photographer who goes by “Wellz” took his inspiration to new a new level, and decided to head to Coney Island, the home of the original Warriors, for a reenactment shoot. “This shoot was soooo fun to do,” He says. “I am proud of myself and the ladies because they were interested and I made the idea come to life.”

Wellz – The mind behind the shoot

The event goes down as Wellz’s very first project as a photographer. It certainly didn’t hurt that he had the help of some incredibly talented models, who pulled of the vintage aesthetic to perfection. For Wellz, it was more than just a photoshoot though. He refers to his reasoning as a way “To give these ladies an opportunity to show their beauty, talent and to inspire and motivate them.” The ladies modeled as a female gang called the Lizzie’s and all styled themselves in 70’s garbs. His only requirement for the models? “Look bad ass, that’s all,” Says Wellz. We’d say the ladies pulled that off and then some.


Gabriella – @gabba_goo22


Ashley – @iamashley_imani


Afrikah – @un__apolo__getic


Lanay – @mslanaylachelle


Danielle – @dunn_diggy


Shamia – @shamiadiazz


Magalicalle – @magalicalle


Ashley – @triple_aaa_battery (On the left)

& Alizah @munch_a_crunch2


Abbie – @abbie_artista


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