NYC Player Spotlight: Majesty Johnson


The lefty freshman has GAME

When the team here at Grittyvibes drops a list of the best young hoopers in the city, (Like our recent freshman list right here) it’s almost a guarantee that a load of opinions, backlash, and suggestions will follow. The truth is, everyone seems to want gratification, but very few are willing to work to earn it. In the midst of the feedback from our most recent list though, was a tweet from Coach Ken, a Brooklyn Collegiate assistant which read: “Majesty Johnson got to the gym yesterday mad he was left off Grittyvibes top 2020 list then proceeded to KILL a three hour workout.” After further investigation into his game film and background, there was no doubt in our mind that coach was right. The kid they call Magic Maj can BALL. The undersized freshman has an oversized game, and with the work he’s putting in, he’ll be hard to miss around this time next year.


“The biggest adjustment was learning how to finsh in traffic better.”

Johnson played his freshman year in the rough and tumble Brooklyn AA, starting about half of the games for his Brooklyn Collegiate squad. “I felt that my freshman year went good,” He says. “I did alot of talking and running the team, and brought my team to the second round of the playoffs.” On the court, his strengths are his ball handling and vision, as well as his quick trigger. The lefty’s quick release was one of his biggest weapons all year and as the season progressed, he showed promise as a finisher too. “The biggest adjustment was learning how to finsh in traffic better due to my size and the size of the high school big men so I worked alot on that,” He says. As his game and body matures, Johnson has the potential to be a threat from anywhere on the court, which is bad news for the rest of the city.


“For the up coming season my goal is to score the ball more”

This summer, you can find him in the gym working on his game if he’s not hooping at Dyckman, EBC, Tristate and other tourneys. He’s also running with Castle Athletic AAU squad, after a recent move from the PSA Cardinals. With all the work he’s putting in, expect to hear Magic Maj’s name begin to echoe around the city, as he doesn’t plan on taking a backseat for long. “For the up coming season my goal is to score the ball more,” He says. “I tend to think about letting my teammates score and getting them involved rather than me getting them involved and scoring at the same time.” Lastly, Johnson plans on improving defensively, prohibiting bigger guards from posting him up. Keep an eye out for Majesty Johnson as a sophomore. Those three hour sessions he’s putting in now, will result in a whole lot of buckets for him this season.

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  1. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my son this write-up. He is really a quiet talent that has been over looked for many years due to his size and he is such a humble soul I’m sure he really appreciates these awesome words giving by you. Peace and blessing to you and yours.

  2. Great job Majesty! Hard work always pays off. We are routing for you. Great kid, Awesome family!