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Inside the mind of the eccentric Jersey artist.

The term “For the culture” gets thrown around a lot these days, often by people who, in actuality, are out for themselves. The art community in particular has evolved into a free for all, with talented people often stepping on each other to get to the next level rather than helping one another up. Angenette Navedo, the Jersey artist (Better known as @Localhoodmom) noticed the same trend, and after working under some toxic artistic conditions, decided to branch off and do her own thing. The result is Realtalk4theculture, a platform consisting of interviews, submissions, merch and more. The site is by an artist, for the artist and was created with the sole purpose of uplifting artists. With that, she’s earned the right to be considered “For the culture,” and she’s earned an interview with us in the process. Enjoy.

1. So what’s your name and where are you from?

My names Angenette Navedo and although i was born in West Palm Beach, me myself and my heart are from Jersey City,NJ.

2. What would you say is your creative lane? What type of art do you like to create?

My creative lane? Shit honestly man i can’t even give you one head on answer. I paint, i have my own style, these characters and monsters that when you see them you know it’s me. But my creative lane pans out, I sew, I write, I now run a website for underdogs like myself, I’m starting my own brand, make my own stickers and recently i dipped into taxidermy. There’s no limit to what you can learn and span into, so i wouldn’t really put myself in any creative lane.
Courtesy of @flyfedvisuals

“There’s no limit to what you can learn and span into, so i wouldn’t really put myself in any creative lane.”

3. What’s the most challenging/most rewarding thing about what you do?

 The most challenging thing honestly is when things get slow, not even financially is it challenging to me because i don’t hold money as the most important value but emotionally when things get slow sometimes i’m too hard on myself and i become my worst enemy but that also plays hand in hand with the most rewarding, when i finally breath and let myself know like fuck man you’re 19 and look at all that progress, just take it easy on yourself, you’re doing just fine, it makes me feel good to give myself the credit that’s well deserved.

4. How did Realtalk4theculture come about?

 Realtalk4theculture came about because lmao. This is a bit funny but i was writing for someone who i’d prefer not to mention who slowly but surely their true colors came to light, they were a transplant, spoon feeding gentrification into everyones mouth as discrete as they could, I let the white lady fool me for a bit and looking back i regret my name ever being categorized for them. And they undermined the youth and what the youth deserved. They felt like they could use the youth as a token for their own pockets and feed off of it, and i lost all respect. So i made a platform, a free platform for all of the youth to build each other up on, where no one could step on us, where we could speak freely, “Real Talk 4 the culture” by the culture, For the youth run solely by the youth.
Courtesy of @flyfedvisuals

“It makes me feel good to give myself the credit that’s well deserved.”

6. What’s your favorite thing about having a platform website?

My favorite thing honestly is just watching the support grow, watching the submissions for the writing corner increase every week. It means so much to me to have people thank me for doing something for all artists of all different things man. I’m just happy to be helping push the difference and support that i wanna see in the Art community, in all art communities. I also love that all interviews i do are through the phone. I get genuine reactions, i catch people with questions they can’t think of some perfect answer to, i catch the knitty gritty “Real Talk” none of my interviews are conducted through email, they all must have some time to shoot me a call!

7. What would you change about the art industry/culture if you could?

Honestly, i would change the support in the art industry, it isn’t properly given and it sucks man. People support what everyone else supports they show light and love to people with 30k+ but won’t bat an eye for artists who are flowing with talent because that follower count ain’t too high. Stop only showing love and support to the people who already have a name for themselves and start helping build those who deserve their name to be known. We all just want the same thing and its the recognition for the hardwork that we deserve.

8. What inspires you?

The troubles and shitty past i’ve had are my inspiration. I was a sad kid, i was a depressed girl, i had dealt with the whole nine yards, the self harm the depression, thinking i’d never blossom into the beautiful person i now am. Everything i have went through inspires me daily to keep pushing to get as far as i can from that girl i once was. I’m better than her, than my past, i’m more than all that and so is everyone else and if i can move passed it so can anyone else in the skin i shed out of.
Courtesy of @flyfedvisuals

“We all just want the same thing and its the recognition for the hardwork that we deserve.”

9. Any shoutouts you wanna give who’ve had a hand in your success?

Honestly, a few months ago i would’ve said no. But shoutout to the main contributor who isn’t myself Laura (@95style_) for believing in all of this and going just as hard, My best friend who went to school of the arts and always supported and contributed to any idea or dream i had Christian (@king.kold) And Jay Hype who passed me in the halls at school and seen i was down and out and lent me a hand and been my right hand since man. All my close friends are fellow creatives and i appreciate them entirely.

10. What are your dreams for the future?

I Just want this website to become my lifestyle, to become my fulltime job, to start bringing in more and more artists, to grow, to be the reason i travel to meet people, to be how i curate fundraisers and raise money, sell my art, I just wanna be able to work for myself and live off of that and only that.

I wanna also just throw in a quick thank you, i reached out to you and you could’ve been like eh we got the same vision dog eat dog world i’m not trying to help you but you have the same mindset i do and all you wanna do is see everyone else have a voice, so thank you for giving me a chance to be heard, i appreciate that more than anything, 1love always.