From cubicles to murals: Meet the insanely talented Terrance Vann


The artist has came up…and he isn’t finished.

When Terrance Vann gazes up at the gigantic Wilmington mural that he created, he can’t help but get emotional. After all, just two years ago he was confined to a cubicle with his his talent on standby in what seemed to be a dead end situation. Fast forward to present day, Vann’s surreal art is breaking barriers. We decided to catch up with the man himself and ask him a few questions about his work.

Interview by Travion January

1. First off, your art is ridiculous man. What’s your creative process like for these pieces? Where does the inspiration come from?

Well thank you man, I appreciate you saying that. I like to come up with new ideas and things that I’ve never seen before.I try to really experiment with different styles and different techniques until I find my voice and that’s why I call it terranceism or the ism. As far as the process, I don’t really sketch a lot, most of it really comes off top and from how I feel or what colors I’m being attracted to. The paintings kind of start to manifest themselves, so sometimes I don’t even know how it’s to going to end up looking at all. I just try to express myself the best way I can.

2. Your Instagram consist of only three pictures. What’s your thoughts on the social media fueled art scene these days? Do you think a strong presence on the gram is even necessary for a successful artist?

Well, I think everything needs balance. We live in real life, so our perceptions can’t solely come from the phone, and I think even though Instagram can help you it shouldn’t be everything that you put your energy into. You still have to have things to offer in real life and be genuine with your craft and what you create. I think you should use use Instagram and social media as a tool to get your message out there but at the same time you want to stay focused in the real world. I deleted all my pics off my Instagram so I could just focus and not even look at it for a few weeks, and in that time I came up with a whole new technique just from not being on my phone and spending extra time on my craft. You definitely need a break every now and then but social media is always good tool to use to get your platform heard.


3. What’s your most memorable moment, accomplishment or story since becoming an artist?

My most memorable moment has to be completing my mural. My first super huge project that I worked on was a 60 square foot  mural in my hometown of Wilmington, Delaware and it was the hardest project that I’ve ever done. It took so much of me to complete and it really pushed me to go further. It sounds weird but I felt like I was actually a real artist after I finished the mural, because so many things happened leading up to it’s completion that really tested me, and there were a few times that I didn’t think I was gonna make it. It was my first time ever doing something like that and I had to learn so much to to make it happen, but after I got done I felt like I truly accomplished something because people in the neighborhood were in awe and so proud to have my mural where they live. That made me feel like I really did something to help my community.

4. What’s the most rewarding thing about what you do? Most challenging?

The most rewarding thing on the journey for me was realizing I have the ability to change somebody’s mind and heart, and cause them to look at things differently. I look at that as almost having a superpower. When I really started to paint and draw more it really affected people and made me feel like I was doing something for the good for humanity.

The most challenging thing is staying motivated and coming up with new ideas. Finding inspiration can be tough sometimes. You never know what’s going to stick or what’s not going to work and that’s why you have to keep going and trying different things.


5. What are your dreams going forward?

My dream going forward is to be able to continue to make an impact across the world with my craft and with my vision, and to be able to help people. I also want to continue to be able to support myself and my family with just being creative. Ideas can change the world and I just want to be able to contribute to change in a way I know how. And with that being said, the overall goal is just to take everything to the highest level possible and just try to live up to my highest potential, whatever that is. I don’t even know what that looks like yet but that’s my goal for the future just to be able to reach my potential and do it to the max.

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