This ball player turned artist has been turning heads with her amazing talent


The “Not so artsy artist” exclusive interview with Gritty Vibes

If you analyze Brittany Williams too quick, it can be easy to mistake her for someone who’s devoted her life to the arts from the moment she could pick up a pencil. Her work speaks for itself, characterized by her free spirited use of colors, patterns, butterflies and flowers, usually depicting an African American subject. Williams however, has not always been serious about the arts. The Rochester New York Native came up as an avid hooper, and has only focused in on her artistic talent recently. We caught up to her to hear more about her art and her story.

1. Where are you from and what were your early beginnings in art like?

 I’m an artist born and raised in Rochester, NY.  I’ve always been drawing since I was young. I would draw the “Boondocks” comic from the city newspaper, cartoon characters from TV, and my favorite music artists. 

2. Your bio was particularly interesting….why do you describe yourself as the not so artsy artist?

 I have “the not so artsy artist” in my bio because I don’t have the typical artist story. I was a very active in sports. Basketball was my passion and drawing was a hobby. No one in my family is an artist. Growing up, I never been to art museums, art galleries, or had a favorite artist. I didn’t take my art seriously until my senior year of college. 

3. What are your favorite themes and ideas to include in your artwork?

Lately, its been color schemes. I’ve reading Josef Albers “Interaction of Color” to get an understanding of color theory. Finding that balance is key for me, especially when it comes to colors that compliment the skin tones of the portrait in my paintings. It’s very interesting how we look at colors. It makes you wonder what you have seen in the past.

4. What’s one piece of art by another artist that inspired you?

It’s hard to pick just one. I’m always fascinated by how Kehinde Wiley paints skin tone. His paintings inspired me to experiment with skin tone in my paintings. He’s truly the master at that.

5. What are your dreams and goals going forward? Where do you plan on going with your talent?

Im just going with flow at this point. Whenever I plan something, it happens right away or not at all. I’m always finding ways to take my art up notch. I do have more mural projects in the works. In the future, I definitely want my art in museums.

IG: @Bwilliamsart

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