5 scriptures for millennials with College Minister Dante James


Dante James is a Youth Pastor from Dallas, Texas who hopes to bring more millennials to God through his relatable and down to earth method of preaching. While he has already touched the lives of people both young and old through the word, he is constantly putting forth the effort to find new means of reaching those who may need to hear it. We tracked down James to give him the opportunity to do so, and in return, he gave us five scriptures that the millennial generation can take with them as they go through their everyday lives.

“Jesus answered, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’ This is the first and most important command.” (Matthew 22:37-38)

If Jesus says this isn the most important commandment then it is. I feel that he makes this the greatest commandment because our love for ourselves and every other thing that God has created distracts us from our love for God. In our culture sin has been thrown into a box of all bad things. But, I think human sin is honestly anything that keeps us from loving God with everything in us.


“Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. The only way to the Father is through me.” (John 14:6)

We live in a culture of tolerance. I’m starting to see a lot of people claim that they are a Christian and life their lives with God at the center. But, at the same time be willing to accept everyone’s believes about anything. This “everyone is right” view point on controversial subject is killing our culture. Jesus wasn’t tolerant. He said that he is THE way, THE truth, and THE life. In math 2+2= 4, not 5, not 6, not 7. Everybody CANNOT be right. I’m not saying to hate others because they don’t hold the same believes. I’m saying if your a Christian you should belief that Jesus is the only way and gently offer the truth to the people that believe otherwise.

“If you come to me but will not leave your family, you cannot be my follower. You must love me more than your father, mother, wife, children, brothers, and sisters—even more than your own life! Whoever will not carry the cross that is given to them when they follow me cannot be my follower.” (Luke 14:26-27)

This one is huge for millennials because we live in a culture of instant gratification. We like to market Jesus in a fashion to make it seem like all you need to do is simply believe that he died on the cross for your sins, and rose again so now you are saved. The American church will bend the gospel in anyway to make it fit the needs of the consumers. While believe is all it takes for salvation, becoming a disciple of Christ is a lifetime commitment that goes beyond saying a small prayer. For you to say this prayer and go on living in sin would be for someone to go to the alter to get married and go back home to abandon their significant other and continue to live the single life. Walking with Jesus isn’t a quick fix. It is very hard to be a devout follower of Jesus, but it’s worth it. After all, read revelation. We win in the end!


“…Don’t you realize that friendship with the world makes you an enemy of God? I say it again: If you want to be a friend of the world, you make yourself an enemy of God.” (James 4:4)

This one is an essential. EVERYONE wants to fit in. Here Jesus tells us that we simply cannot be friends of the world and friends of God. Some people live in a constant battle with fitting in with the world and living for God. We have to choose one. There is no such thing as being friends with the world and with God. I think this verse forces us to choose to make God a priority in our lives. You can live a life for 80-90 years and be accepted all you want. But one day you have to answer to God in order to determine where you spend eternity. Is being accepted in this life worth an eternity separated from God? God > Acceptance.

“Don’t you know that God’s people will judge the world? So if you will judge the world, then surely you can judge small arguments like this. You know that in the future we will judge angels. So surely we can judge life’s ordinary problems.” (1 Corinthians 6:2-3)

This verse is extremely important in today’s culture. Almost every time someone who calls themselves a Christian is corrected, they say, “Don’t judge me.” This scripture says the exact opposite. We are to judge believers by the standards of Christ but we cannot judge those who don’t walk with God because they don’t understand the standards of God. In 1 Corinthians, Paul tells us to hold each other accountable. We are called to gently correct our brothers and sisters if they are wrong.


These are the most important scriptures for millennials because they break almost if not all misconceptions that millennials hold about Christianity. My only hope is that everyone that claims to be Christian truly walks with God and inspires their lost friends to come to the light. Thanks for this opportunity Gritty Vibes!