Meet one of Baltimore’s fastest rising comedians


The young talent is on the come up

The Baltimore comic known as Khairy is scoring shows and gaining popularity nationwide, but he’d be the first to tell you that it wasn’t always like this. Just a few months ago, he was working a 9-5, with his dreams of becoming a stand up comedian far from actualized. Fast forward to present day, the East side talent is dope enough for us to track him down, and talk life.

1. Where are you from and what inspired you to become a comedian?

Baltimore, East Baltimore actually. Gotta specify that lol. What inspired me was basically that’s I always wanted to be in front of the camera and I love entertaining people. It’s something I always wanted to do to be honest.

2.What comedians inspired you coming up?

Dave Chappelle, Ralphie May, Kevin Hart, Dane Cook, Bo Burnum, and some others. I’m a becoming a big fan of Jerrod Carmichael as well.

3. I see you’re a fan of anime. Does this play into your comedy?

It helps with jokes online, I’ll say that. It’s hard because while the popularity of Anime has grown immensely over the years, it’s still a selective fan base. For now my anime jokes are for twitter and my YouTube.


4. What anime shows are you on right now?

Dragon Ball Super. That’s my heart man. Dragon Ball is in my blood. That show means so much to me and I honestly geared up when they announced Toriyama would be continuing DBZ with Super. I also like classic anime. Bebop, Outlaw Star, Tenchi Muyo, Raroni Kenshin, the old Toonami stuff.

5. Is your comedy often based on loved ones and friends?

My jokes are my life honestly. I try not to joke them personally but a lot of my jokes play off of my real life and my loved ones.


6. Is social media a meaningful tool for you and your brand promotion?

Yeah and no. It helps me immensely with growing a fan base but out of all my followers, only about 100 are in Baltimore. So advertising for shows is cool but my fan base is all over so I mainly push for trying to get casted.

7. Any tips or advice do you have for those trying to become an comedian??

Get up there and be yourself. Don’t be scared man those people came to see you.


8. Your favorite comedian of all time is???

David fucking Chappelle easily.


9. Are you a jojo’s bizarre adventure fan if so, which is your favorite part?

Nah I haven’t. I’m not really a fan of the goofy anime’s. I like ones with action. I heard something about it being connected to BoBoBo or fist of the North Star in its timeline tho.

10. Any other comedians, music artist, or people that we should keep a lookout for?

Big Raz and the Branded Brother movement here in Baltimore have some of the best rappers. SBG Kiece is a great rapper as well. As far as comedians, I have a show coming up with Ty Davis. She’s hilarious and rising fast. It’s July 29th here in Baltimore. Then I’ll be in DC the next day doing a show.

Interview Conducted by Travion January