Meet the young trainer who NYC hoopers are flocking to


The former floor general is true to the game

Dante Agnew has wasted no time transitioning from his quality basketball career, (which included running the show for St Mary’s high and eventually NYACK University), into one of NYC’s top up and coming trainers. In less than two years, he’s been able to earn the respect of several established pros, top ranked college and high school players, along with learning under some of the best trainers in the city. We talked to Agnew to hear his story, and some keys to his craft.

1. How would you say your basketball career went? What led you to becoming a trainer?

My basketball career went well, after high school I went on to play at a 4 year college. I’ve always led workouts with my friends when we came home for the summer. It was just something I’ve always loved doing. After I tore my knee just before my senior ended I starting working with my friend Chavaughn Lewis helping him prepare for the NBA Summer League and overseas and I just kept it going from there.


2. Where did you pick up your first drills and first clients from? How did that grow over time?

I picked up my first drills from my college coach and my AAU coach, Coach Ira which also helped me with my first clients. After that I met some top trainers that I learned from (Dj Sackman and Chris Brickley) I’ll also be working with Drew Hanlen later in the summer.


3. Who are some of the premier players you’ve worked with?

Chavaughn Lewis (Pro)
Terry Larrier (Uconn)
Ramone Clemente (Pro)
Nick Richards (Kentucky)
Christian Vital (Uconn)
Jordan Walker (Seton Hall)
Khalid Moore (Molloy HS)
Jalen Leque (Scanlan HS)


4. What tips would you give for someone who wants to get into the personal training business? What do you think some trainers do wrong?

Just keep grinding for whatever you want to do with your training business. There are going to be a lot of ups and downs but stay positive. Every training session has to serve a purpose with the drills that you do. Can just throw out a bunch of drills. Also some trainers don’t put the players in game related situations.


5. What are your dreams going forward?

Becoming a NBA trainer and having a successful brand (Pure Balance)

IG: @purebalance_tae

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