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Artist Profile: W. Rawls

The versatile talent you should know about

W Rawls, as he likes to be referred to by, has always been an artist. His artistic endeavors (Like so many of ours), started with Dragon Ball Z animations, but unlike most kids who abandon their dreams with age, Rawls built on his talent and continually progressed. He is now a multidimensional artist who switches styles seamlessly, refusing to be stuck in any particular box or label. He’s the type of artist who clearly does his homework on the greats, so we decided to do our homework on him. Enjoy.

What were your early beginnings like in art? How did you progress to where you’re at now?

I pretty much always remember drawing and being an artist my whole life. I started out drawing dragon ball z characters and super heroes like many other artists, and from there started to grow into other artistic studies such as portraits,animation, comics etc.


What’s your artistic style? What makes it unique?

As of right now as I type this I don’t know what my artistic style is because i’ve been influenced by so many realms of art. I feel like i do have one but i’ve been trying to study so many different types of art lately. Some days I get enthralled in comic art and dynamic figures then the next day i’m studying how to be as simple and clear as possible with cartoons then the next i’m studying the old masters. So i’m trying not to really have a “style” in fear of getting stagnant.


Who’s your biggest inspirations?

My biggest inspirations are my parents and grandparents in the overall life sense. As far as art inspirations i’m inspired by the old masters , who I feel were the greatest artists of all time, hayao miyazaki,akira toriyama, katsuhiro otomo, jim lee, john romita jr, todd mcfarlane, glen keane, the nine old men, walt disney and many other greats.IMG_6514

What’s been your favorite artwork or memory that you have since becoming an artist?

I would say that my favorite memory as an artist would be the memories that i cant even remember doing art. I’m not sure if that makes sense but it would be the times when I was young that I spent doing art which birthed the love I have for it now.


What are your dreams and goals going forward?

My dreams and goals for art would be to make a living and support myself through art. I also want to make art that viewers would get lost inside of it and to inspire young artists (or non artists) to keep (start) creating.



IG: @W_rawls

All artwork property of Rawls


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