Meet one of Florida’s brightest new models


The confident talent you need to get hip to

Queen Amina’s social media pages display her in all of her glory, as her distinct look and modeling talent is clear to see. The compliments and adoration that she receives by her fifteen thousand followers was not always a thing though. In fact, there was a time when the very same things that make her a standout model, made her the subject of some harsh name calling. “In school I was often bullied for my big forehead, chunky nose and big lips,” She says. “Then acne came along and things seemed to worsen.” Instead of using the situation as a reason for her to quit and give in to her insecurities, Amina decided to fight back. She turned to modeling to flaunt what others said she should be ashamed of, and now she hopes to take her passion to the next level and breakthrough in the industry.

Photo by @hidefpixel

“When I model, I feel even more fierce and empowered than ever before.”

While Amina currently represents Florida, her story actually begins in Charlotte, where she first fell for modeling and the feeling of liberation it gave her. “I’m known for being that light voiced bubbly girl from North Carolina, but when I model, I feel even more fierce and empowered than ever before,” She says. Being fierce is nothing new to Amina, and with a name like Queen, living up to royal expectations is second nature. Her biggest challenge so far is the competition aspect of modeling, and the uneasy feeling it can bring. “You’re constantly having to show what sets you from the rest,” She says. “I would often find myself comparing how I look to others, and begin to question myself, which somewhat brings my confidence down.” She has learned to be at peace with the comparative nature of the industry, and come to the realization that her best is more than enough.

Photo by @hidefpixel

“With any task I am given, I always ask myself how creative can I be”

 Going forward she has plans to keep climbing the ranks as a model, with the understanding that the art form is about a lot more than just taking good pictures. Amina knows that creativity is what separates a good model from a great one, and it is a trait she certainly does not lack. “With any task I am given, I always ask myself  ‘How creative can I be’ or ‘What creativity can I add to this'”, She says. With her past behind her, she feels that the best things have yet to come as she progresses everyday towards her ultimate goal. Queen Amina has overcome the doubters to become a promising new talent on the modeling scene. She has big dreams, but she’s a firm believer in being patient as well. “I have to often remind myself that everything doesn’t come fast,” She says. “My mother would tell me that ‘Good things come to those who wait’ and to never rush something, it will come when the time is ready.”

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