Jermaine Warren: Comedic Gold


The comedian is ready to breakthrough.

Jermaine Warren has been a comedy powerhouse for sometime now on the internet as well as the stage. A few months ago, he made his television debut on Gotham Comedy Live and caught our eye with his diverse set ranging from his poor attempts at working out to his misadventures at coinstar machines. We caught up to Warren to discuss the industry, and his place in it.

1. What was your upbringing like and what led you towards comedy?

“Grew up in the burbs, had a good family life growing up. But was always a little weird. I wish I had some crazy story of overcoming crazy odds. I can’t remember not being funny, the first time I felt not funny was when I started doing standup. My family watched standup growing up all the HBO & showtime specials.”


2. What was your first experience on stage like? How have you improved since then?

“I got on stage lasted about a minute my right leg was shaking but I don’t think anybody saw it but I was hooked from the first moment . I got to tell jokes on TV for 8min once so I made some progress since then.”

3. What makes you unique? What issues do you like to speak on in your stand up bits?

“I’m a black computer nerd not many of us around. Half my set is about how dumb the internet is. I also talk about the random weird things that happen to me.”


4. How do you feel about the comedy industry as a whole and what would you tell to a youth looking to get in the game?

“This industry is hard and brutal if you want to get in it. You need to work your ass off to get even a little. Also do social media stuff it’s not really optional anymore.”

5. What are your dreams and goals going forward?

“Just keep being creative and build a audience that wants to see me do what I do. I want to do all the big stuff at least once (movies, specials, tv)”