Jafe & the Royals got next


The band’s eccentric frontman is a can’t miss talent

The current “Link in bio” generation of the music business has given us some hidden gems, and talented musicians that the public as a whole would have probably never discovered without it. These platforms can be credited with leveling the playing field, but the diamonds in the rough that it produces are easily outnumbered by the uninspired bunch. The formulaic, only for fun musicians have their uses, but have ultimately helped water down the talent pool in the industry. With that being said, artists like Jafe Paulino have become an increasingly rare commodity, and definitely a breath of fresh air. The NYC musician’s rise to prominence has been organic, and when listening to his music, it’s clear that the guys’ done his homework. “My main inspirations are the performers,” He says. “People who are clearly being freed by their music on stage.” Jafe’s sound is definitely a byproduct of his idols. His band Jafe and the Royals have hit the scene, and are currently shaking things up in the game.

Photo by Antonella Alberti (IG/Twitter/fbook @antodope)

“My main inspirations are the performers.”

Jafe’s melting pot of influences and sounds perhaps lie in his unique upbringing, and early exposure to the arts. “I am lucky enough to have been raised by musicians, artists, cultural leaders in the Afro-Latinx community of NYC and was playing percussion in my parents groups at the age of 5,” He says. “I was put onto a whole lot of rich music and culture right out the womb, and I believe my sound comes from that.” Sometime in September 2016, Jafe began to act on an idea he’d been plotting for sometime by contacting several of NYC’s premier musicians and forming The Royals. Creating a dope, cohesive sound came natural to the group, but they’re quick to tell you that what they’re doing is bigger than just music. “Our mission is to spread love culture and show people that vulnerability and emotional awareness is a rebellion against the norms of society,” Jafe says. “Through inclusion and empowerment I truly believe we can rise up with the goal of living in more peaceful times.”

Photo by Antonella Alberti (IG/Twitter/fbook @antodope)

“I was put onto a whole lot of rich music and culture right out the womb, and I believe my sound comes from that.”

Jafe has been hard at work, pushing the culture forward and creating new projects as well. His band is currently working on their debut EP and numerous singles, EPs, videos and features are also in the works. Recently, he’s been expanding the range of his talents, by contributing music to short films. Ultimately, the young talent is quite literally out here, and don’t expect his stranglehold on the NYC up and coming music scene to change. When asked what he has planned for the future, Jafe doesn’t hold his punches. “To give a voice to the voiceless or ashamed,” He says. “I just want to keep spreading my positivity and optimisim for people through my music and daily existence, I know the masses will gravitate to it in due time as we’re in dire times for some love.” Even among a plethora of other aspiring stars, Jafe and the Royals have managed to shine. While their frontman’s music makes him a name to remember, it’s his commitment to pushing the culture forward that could make him iconic.

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