Pretty Bhamidi: The awakening


The Los Angeles model/actress is one of a kind

In her hit song “Kreators”, Pretty Bhamidi hops on a mystical beat and spits a memorable verse about getting up, realizing your life’s purpose and going after it. The song was proof that her third eye was very much open, and according to Bhamidi, it took some real experiences to bring her to that level of consciousness. “I got into my current endeavors after going through a spiral of low frequencies,” She says. “I was lost, so finally I started applying my writing to my brother in laws beats and suddenly my heart started to heal.” Her music has the potential to serve as a healing component for others as well, and while she is just getting started, the multi talented creative has the look of an up and coming star.

Photo by @chrispaulthompson

“I was lost, so finally I started applying my writing to my brother in laws beats and suddenly my heart started to heal.”

Along with excelling musically, Bhamidi has also shown promise as a model and actress as she has done shoots for some of the dopest brands in her hometown Los Angeles. She’s had her hand in the entertainment industry for over ten years, and her consistent drive was noticed by the Daniel Hoff agency, who signed her to a commercial modeling/acting deal. The half Telugu half Bengali beauty is full of surprises including being a black belt martial arts instructor. Her unique mix of talents is evident in her art, and makes Pretty Bhamidi who she is. “I personally love being witty and mysterious in that aspect and that’s what has allowed me to excel creatively,” She says. “Using every element around me such as; food, photography, lighting, instruments, dance and so much more that has inspired me along the way.”

Photo by @Jabarijacobs

“I personally love being witty and mysterious.”

In the future, she hopes to tour internationally with her music, collaborate with other dope artist and show her talents on the big screen as well. Her debut project entitled “Pratima The EP” is also in the works which she describes as a mix of Neo soul, Jazz, Indian Harmonies and Hip Hop. As evidenced in her Kreators track, spreading knowledge is just as important to her as making a dope song, and will be a consistent theme in her work. When asked her mission going forward, she was quick to say: “Serving my community through awareness and truth. Really I just want to be able to hold myself and the people I love down.” A humble talent like Pretty Bhamidi doesn’t come around everyday but when they do, the universe definitely rejoices. Expect her first EP to put more people on to the positive wave which she’s created, very soon.

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