Five Questions with Kico Thrill


The West Coast’s rising star

Kico is a California musician who is currently beginning to hit his stride and turn heads with his content. We chatted with this budding talent about his hometown, his motivations, and his feelings on being black in America.

1. Where are you from and what was upbringing?

I currently live in Tacoma, WA but I’ve lived a few places in California growing up such as San Bernardino, Pasadena, Fresno and good ol Barstow. Growing up was normal, all I did was goto school and play sports… hang with friends, indulge in my different interests…. but of course you see and experience different things no matter where you’re from whether they be positive or negative.

2. What inspired you to become a rapper and whats the drive that pushes you?

Honestly, I’ve always just loved listening to music. It always calmed me down or gave me direction. I started with just regular poetry assignments in english class, and I was pretty good at putting poems together so I then took to writing over instrumentals and it was just a way to express whatever was in my head or to tell a story. The drive that pushes me is the idea that if I put my all into something then I cant be denied. Its that simple, that faith is what motivates me.


3. Whats your take on the rap game and how do you feel bout it?

As far as the rap game, I feel like it is constantly changing and evolving. Rap is a form of art and expression in my opinion, ya know…. you have good artists and you have bad artist… you have people who are better at drawing and people who couldn’t draw or paint a picture to save their life… I just appreciate good quality music.

4. Are there any artists you work with heavy, or we should be on the look out for?

Yes, I work closely with Alex Cade from Detroit….and Stay Safe Knox from St. Louis who I actually grew up with… both talented at what they do. You definitely want to look out for Eugene Cam also out of St. Louis, Nacho out of Compton, CA… oh and Bryan Harper out of the IE.

5. What are your thoughts in general on being black in America?

Being a Black King in America can be a blessing and a curse… we all have our common everyday struggles that come with being who we are but we are very capable in overcoming that adversity. We naturally excel at everything we indulge in. Its all about how you play the game at the end of day, you gotta use that to your advantage.

Interview conducted by Travion January