Lilas Mia’s journey


The lifestyle blogger and fashionista from Madagascar

After receiving yet another award for his already decorated career, the renowned actor Denzel Washington said nine words in the ensuing speech that can serve as inspiration for anyone looking to make it: “Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship.” The notion that creativity and drive can often derive from tough times is something that the up and coming talent known as Lilas Mia can attest to. The Madagascar native was in a transitional phase, but came out of it with a brightened sense of purpose. “After I graduated, I went through a period of unemployment in which I took the opportunity to push for partnerships and blogging more than ever,” She says. “It wasn’t a comfortable position but during this time, I saw a newfound potential in myself and a drive that still lingers to push me during my toughest days.” That drive is the reason Lila is currently one of the leading influencers in the blogosphere as her tips on fashion, hair care and life in general provides inspiration for people everywhere.

Photo by @mellzlookwelz

Lila was born in Madagascar, where she lived until she was five years old as she already showed signs of being a blossoming creative. “I have always been the creative little sister,” She says. “I kept journals throughout middle school, loved the arts and doodled on any surface.” Her parents though, weren’t quite as enthusiastic about her ideal choice of career. Her suggestions to pursue the arts were often shooed away and Lila found herself on a traditional university path, which she managed to make the most of, stating: “I did my best in school and graduated Cum Laude at 20 years old with my Bachelor’s degree; from that point on, I gave myself permission to heed and explore various interests and my hobby, writing, which flourished into a blog, as I worked full time teaching high school students.”

Photo by @everystylishgirl

Lilas’ blog is a culmination of her passion in writing as well as extending advice. Her hair journey in particular has been a hit for viewers as she serves as a muse for a generation of black women beginning to embrace their natural hair. Lilas herself can relate to that transition, as she was once unaware of her hair’s true potential. “I had no idea how much damage I actually caused all these years until I look back and compare it with the current health of my hair;” She says. “I had no idea I had and could achieve my corkscrew curls until about 2 years ago.”

“I have always been the creative little sister.”

Her fashion is also a recurring theme in her blog, particularly thrifting and experimenting with different styles. Lilas hopes to add more traveling post to her content, and educate her viewers on Madagasy culture. “Ultimately, I want to continue to be an inspiration to others who are afraid or doubtful of the power and the reasons for their passions,” She says. Lilas Mia is aware of her influence and the responsibility that comes with it. The young creative is using it to assist her viewers and her culture with every new post.

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