Sagine: Born to slay


The Philly raised creative is taking NYC by storm

A change of location can be vital to any creative looking to find themselves and venture on to bigger and better things. For Sagine, moving back to New York was a decision that has proven to be life changing and has truly put her career on a promising path. “I grew up in a strict household via the suburbs of Philadelphia,” She says. “Born in Brooklyn though.” After returning to her native land, she has gotten right to work at becoming one of the premier up and coming creatives in the city. Her confidence is now radiating for all to see as she continues to progress towards her ultimate goal.

Photo by @derrtynyc

“I grew up in a strict household via the suburbs of Philadelphia.”

As a model, Sagine separates herself with her ability to seamlessly shift into different modes. “I’m very diverse when it comes to my photo shoots,” She says. Her diversity is on full display on her Instagram where her shoots can range from cultural themes to simple, elegant settings. You are just as likely to see her in traditional, Indian themed garments as you are to see her modeling designer shades. While models often get stuck with one particular look, Sage does it all.

Photo by @m.v.e.u.s

“I’m very diverse when it comes to my photo shoots.”

Creatively, Sagine has done work for upstart brands like Postgamenyc, and has even collaborated with the iconic Pharrell for his Timberland advertisements. Being a model isn’t the only thing Sagine finds passion and purpose in either. She hopes to use her talents to one day, help out her people. “I’m a licensed esthetician and my goal is to come up with my very own skin care line for melanated skin,” She says. The combination of talent, brains and beauty has served Sagine well thus far. As her career blossoms in the big city, it’s clear that her move couldn’t have come at a better time. “My biggest obstacle in life was breaking out of my shell,” She says. “Moving to New York helped me a lot. I became very independent and fierce.”

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Feautured image by @m.v.e.u.s