Hayley Karrina and Verso Magazine


The mind behind Canada’s up and coming mag

The age of information and social media comes with it’s negative elements, one being the assumption that a person’s worth is measured directly by their follow count. For artist, this can be especially frustrating as superior talents are often looked over. This is something Hayley Karrina took note of, and eventually, decided to change. “I recognized the lack of talented millennial artists being represented,” She says. “I wanted to give emerging artists a platform where they could be featured in a professional manner and have their art exposed to a world wide audience.” What came about was Verso Magazine, a stylish publication made for the artist by the artist. The mag serves as a platform for talent regardless of social notoriety, giving equal opportunity to be seen, admired and discovered.


“I recognized the lack of talented millennial artists being represented.”

Karrina’s creativity as well as her entrepreneurial spirit were sparked at an early age. The Ontario native was raised by Jamaican parents who were self made financially, and made sure their children were cultured. “I was exposed to the art world from the age of 4,” She says. “My parents would take my older brother and I to the former Art Gallery of Ontario Restaurant every Sunday morning until I was about 10.” She would go on to take up an interest in music and eventually study Visual Arts and Communication at the University of Toronto, where her ideas for Verso began to come into place.


“My dream/goal is for Verso Magazine to be more than a publication”

Verso is still new on the scene in comparison to some of its peers, but Karrina already has her vision firmly in place. These days, she takes pride in being able to show her own entrepreneurial spirit, as she retains creative control of her magazine and is able to execute ideas with the help of her team. Eventually though, she’d love to see Verso Magazine take the next step. “My dream/goal is for Verso Magazine to be more than a publication,” She says. “I intend for us to become a creative agency where we can further help artists with their work.” The platform is on pace to realize all of the expectations that Hayley Karrina has thought out for it. And while Verso Magazine finds no value in numerical follow counts, there is one number with great significance to their team. 11.11 marks the rebirth of the mag and it’s stylish aesthetic to the world. It’s quite fitting that the number known to represent wishes and dreams, is the one chosen by the Magazine that’s currently making artist’s dreams feel a lot more attainable.

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