Ty Trilly: Straight outta 40


The Southside rapper keeps it real

In Ty Trilly’s “Skrilla” video, the audience is taken for a trip through Queens’ 40 projects as he spits the painful realities of growing up in the inner city. The lingo and style of his music is undoubtedly New York, but what separates his sound from his peers is his ability to switch it up. “I can really rap which is the New York tradition but I can do melodies and harmonize on tracks to give it a better feel for females,” He says. “The unique part about me is my flow and my cleverness, you never know what I might say or how I may say it.” Ty Trilly’s diversity is what has him buzzing in the inner city, with tracks displaying his savage side, as well as more vulnerable, introspective songs. With a mixtape already in the books and new music in the works, it shouldn’t be long before the rest of the city catches on to the South Jamaica flame spitter.

Photo by @tvbeats

“Being where I’m from, you get into things & it can kill ya dreams if you let it.”

Coming of age in 40 can be rough for some, but Ty Trilly enjoyed his upbringing in the concrete jungle. “Growing up in 40 was fun,” He says. “Just running around gettin into shit, meeting ya first friends, doing music with them, just learning things about life.” His experiences during these years are directly reflected in his songs, while his delivery and aggressive approach heightened with losses that he took to family and friends. These days, his music has the sound of a man who’s been hardened by his environment, as evidenced on his latest mixtape “Trilly Season”, which served as a comeback from a brief break from music altogether. “I was off the scene for a while just learning life,” He says. “Being where I’m from you get into things & it can kill ya dreams if you let it so I just chose to do the music all the way.”
Photo by @tvbeats

I was off the scene for a while just learning life”

With his mindset fixated solely on music, expect Ty Trilly to deliver more and more of what the street’s been missing. Along with a few others, Trilly is on the short list of rappers who represent the “New, New York”, a group who can deliver bone chilling bars as well as put together quality songs. Going forward though, he sees himself as more than just a rapper and hopes his talent can lead him to other facets of the industry. “My goal is to put my own label together,’ He says. “I definitely have the mind for it, I spot talent very well and I feel like I know a star when I see one.” With the confidence exhibited in his music, it’s no doubt that he sees his first star in the mirror.

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