Two the hard way: NYC’s sick duo is headed to Hutch


The explosive pair hope for a Juco chip

The annual Books and Ball classic in New York City is loaded with regional standouts, D-1 prospects and intriguing match ups. With so much talent on the floor, it can be hard for a hooper to show their separation from the pack, but two players in particular had the look of future stars. Anthony Munson, the shifty guard who made a name for himself in the rough war-zone of the Brooklyn AA division and Rheaquone Taylor, the high flying Queens wing, matched up in an epic duel. “We had a great time going basket for basket, dunk for dunk, it was just a lot of fun and I know for a fact he’s a really good player with a lot of heart,” Taylor says. The match up ended with both players totaling over 25 points, and leaving with the other’s respect. The scariest part of all though? They’re headed to the same school next year. The legendary JUCO of Hutch Community college will be the home of both NYC prospects in what will surely be a scary sight in Kansas.


“I’m just looking forward to improving my game as a player that plays both sides of the court”.

Hutch is no stranger to elite prospects and the duo should fit right in with an already loaded squad who is fresh off of a chip. Both players expect to hit the ground running and use the year to hone their talents and hopefully repeat. “We have athleticism and a bunch of experienced players,” Munson says. “For me I’m just looking forward to improving my game as a player that plays both sides of the court”. Munson hopes to use his time at Hutch to add sharper ball handling and shooting to his signature aggressive scoring package. Rhequone Taylor often has the look of a young Josh Smith, with left handed tomahawks and bone shattering windmills. Still, he sees it as an opportunity to improve as well. “My weakness on the court is my shooting, even though my mid range game is pretty good I want to be able to step out to the 3,” He says. “I want to be that player on the court, that when I come in the coach says he’s the shooter.”


“I see it as an advantage to get the college experience”

The move from the big city to small town Kansas is no doubt a major adjustment for them, but they view it as a chance to crack down, remain focused and achieve their ultimate goals. Both see themselves as pros in the future, and surefire D-1 prospects. “Honestly I see myself playing at a high mid major university but time can tell,” Munson says. The two may have taken a road less traveled to their destination, but it’s no doubt they’re on their way. Expect this Big Apple duo to put on for their city from the minute they touch the campus with their bond already strong and their mindset on tunnel vision. “Even though some may see taking the JUCO route as an extra step, I see it as an advantage to get the college experience,” Taylor says. “Building and working on my game, and helping build my confidence so when I get to the D1 level I’m ready to play and make a major impact.” The duo has proven themselves in the city and will eventually have their time in the NCAA. But in between, the small town in Kansas will get the treat of watching some big city game.