5 questions with Million.$$.Maddy


The hottest new talent in Gary, Indiana

Million.$$.Maddy has been turning heads with her soulful and unique sound as of late. Gritty Vibes Magazine got at her to discuss her sound and how it got started

1. What inspired you to get into music? Was it instantaneous for you or a gradual thing?

Music and the arts runs in my family. My mom sings, my brother sings and is a professional actor. So growing up, I would watch my mom perform, whether it was in musicals, events, or at church and I loved every bit of it. Me going to performing arts high school also had a big impact on me musically. But music wasn’t my first love, it was basketball. So i took the hooping route for 13 years & just did music and plays on the side. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school, when i performed at a talent show at school, that i knew i could see myself doing this for the rest of my life because of that adrenaline rush from the crowd. that rush still comes back just to remind me to keep pushing. Then my freshman year in college, i had got kicked off of Alcorn’s WBB team, so i had to decide on what i wanted to do fast. Basketball was all i knew but that lil musical soul inside of me told it was time & I took that and ran with it.


2. Where did the name 15thlegend come from and what does it mean?

I’m from Gary, Indiana. Home of the greatest entertainer in the world: MJ and 15th ave was the street i grew up on. i been threw everything on that street. the good, bad & the ugly. So i just believe that “15th” is apart of who I am & i want to be the 2nd legend out of Gary, Indiana. So yeahhh that’s where 15thLengend came from but I go by the name of “Million.$$.Maddy”

3. What’s your creative process like with making your music?

When I make music I just mediate on the beat & allow my soul to work its magic. When I feel like my soul is fully ready that’s when I start writing & who knows what their soul is gonna do.


4. As a female artist do you still think it’s hard in the rap community for women to get in the game unless they’re sexualizing their content?

I think it’s super hard but nothing is impossible. Yeah sex sells but this generation seems to be into that creative wave that was wants “weird.” So i’m just tryna target and show love to those who target & show love to me. but no doubt it’s hard out here for a lady man, just gotta push through no matter what though.


5. What type of music are you listening to that vibe with you and your style of music? What do you think your style can be classified as?

The old heads would be : Badu,& Lauryn hill
and the new heads would be: NAO, 6black, SZA, & H.E.R
I would describe my music as “smooth.electric.soulful.funk” it’s a lot haha, but if this was a genre I think that’s what I would fall under because you can get all four of those outta one song & my music!

Interview conducted by Travion January