Five questions with Akeda Hosten


Akeda Hosten’s talents have proven to have no boundaries as he has made waves as an up and coming rapper, as well as producer and songwriter. Gritty Vibes caught up with the St Louis/Maryland talent to find out more about his influences and his upbringing.

Where are you originally from? What got you into rapping?

So I’m originally from silver spring Maryland but I’m working out of STL. I started writing raps at about 8, and did my first recordings at 14. My family inspired me to start writing early on just by how much they enjoyed hearing me rap as a kid, and then I think content wise I drew a lot of my early influence from Lupe.


Diggin the Green Lantern track you have. Is there a Marvel influence with you? Are you rollin with Marvel or DC?

Aha so I actually lean towards Marvel in the grand scheme of things, but I’m a pretty big nerd so that plays a big part in my music. I actually have a song called Titan inspired by the anime attack on Titan that I’m getting ready to re-release.


What artist influenced your style flow or overall technique?

Lupe was a very big influence for me early on, as well as Jay Z, BIG, and Nas (a lot of my cousins live and new york). My family is from Trinidad so I also was influenced by a lot of reggae, calypso and soca music growing up. I also really enjoy like early 2000’s punk rock, so I get a lot of inspiration from Linkin Park and other bands from that era.


Who else should we look out for on the St Louis music scene or music scene in general?

Other rappers to be on the look out for are FreeKev, Y.Samuel and Ricky Rambo. We all went to school together and collab every now and again, but they’re all really creative and bring a different energy to the table. All of us can spit in our own unique ways.

Interview conducted by Travion January