Cakes the female producer


The multi-talented hit maker

Being taught traditionally to read and make music has it’s advantages and is definitely a welcomed asset for any producer to have. While it is the route many musicians take when beginning their career, it is not the only option.Take the producer known as “Cakes”, for example. The up and coming beat maker never followed the ordinary path to creating music and has experienced her share of accomplishments nonetheless. “All I had to rely on was my ear, which hasn’t let me down so far but it definitely hasn’t been a walk in the park that’s for sure,” She says. Her natural feel for the music has allowed her to improvise and create a style that is truly her own. Having already worked with some heavy hitters in the industry, it’s pretty clear that she’s on to something.


“My mom would literally line up some of us to sing and play for her everyday.”

Cakes music career is off to a promising start, but in the beginning, it was just a way to entertain her mother around the house. “My upbringing was similar to that of the Jackson 5,” She says with a laugh. “My mom would literally line up some of us to sing and play for her everyday.” Without knowing, she was slowly forming into a well rounded entertainer and musician as she dabbled in several instruments. These days, Cakes uses her gift to build her music from the ground up, stating: “Every single song or production I create starts from scratch and usually from sounds I’ve literally created myself out of things found around the house and recorded with a mic.”


“I’ve stood in lines for hours, for showcases and other events”

Cakes’ list of artist who she’s collaborated with is quite impressive with stars including Ciara, who she names as her favorite artist to work with up to date. While her hard work has been paying off, the grind that goes into being successful is something many producers lack. “I’ve stood in lines for hours, for showcases and other events,” She says. “So i’m proud of the hard work I was never afraid to do.” Her work lies not only in music either. Cakes is also an up and coming photographer who has shot her share of impressive portraits. Going forward, her dream is to combine her work behind the camera with her work behind the soundboard into one entity. “I’m working on scoring for my own film and to see that film on the big screen,” She says. Cakes’ musical talent has gotten her this far. If she takes that same drive into the film industry, Hollywood will truly have something special.
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