Five questions with Boog the bandit


The flyest in Ohio

The model known simply as Boog is a Columbus Ohio native who specializes in urban style shoots. Gritty Vibes chatted with her on her upbringing and how she hopes to change the game

What was your upbringing like and how did you get into art/modeling?

1. I grew up in columbus ohio, a middle class neighborhood. My mom put me in my first pageant when I was 2. I hated it.


What’s the hardest thing about what you do? What’s the most rewarding?

2. The hardest thing about modeling is adversity, now an days if your not 5’9 110 pounds no on wants to look your way. The most rewarding thing to me is when people can connect to me. Feel my look an my vibe an be all in.


What makes you unique as a model?

3. My tattoos, my height. My all around appearance an perspective. I wanna be the change in the industry. Bring some color to the black & white.


What would you change about the industry if you could?

4. The want for slender people. The world needs to accept people as they come. Not for size, height nor shape. Everyone is beautiful no matter the exterior.


What are your dreams and goals going forward?

5. I’d love to model for Chris Brown, anything urban. I’d also love to be a new face for more non so diverse brands. I have no limits. I just wanna work an become better than I was yesterday. Encounter different people, see the world.

IG: @boogthebandit