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The Cori Tori Story

The New Jersey model is a true visionary

Professional photographers, stylist and creative directors can be found working around the clock at high profile shoots, preparing the model for the one shot that can capture their true essence. While models nationwide long for a chance to work with the pros, the reality is, most small town talents have a slim chance. This is something that Cori Tori knew, and instead of feeling sorry for herself, she got to work. “I wanted to dab into modeling but coming from a small town my opportunities were limited,” She says. “I figured if I can’t find real modeling gigs to book and photographers who want to work with me then I would have to create my own opportunity.” Cori began to save money with the help of her family and her boyfriend to buy a professional camera and lens. As her portfolio grew, so did her following on social media. These days, the professionals that every model wants to work with are beginning to knock on her door.


Photo by @woodengenius

“I wanted to dab into modeling but coming from a small town my opportunities were limited”

Cori’s creative spirit was present when she was just a child. Growing up, she spent a bulk of her time alone, resulting in her getting in touch with her inner talents. As the family “Diva”, fashion and beauty has always been her way of life. She’d be the first to tell you though, that her talents expand beyond just modeling. “I’m more then someone who puts on clothes and strikes a pose,” She says. “I am a creator, a director. I’m a visionary.” Her first work as a creative director would be with her own shoots, where’d she’d style herself and have her sister take her pictures. As her career has progressed however, Cori has bigger plans.


Photo by

“I am a creator, a director. I’m a visionary.”

As a longtime fashionista, it’s only right that her next project will be her very own clothing line. “I’ve always wanted to be a designer and share my ideas with the world,” She says. “I just want to be build a brand and business that inspires all my girl bosses out there.” The clothing line entitled “The Ark” is set to be available for the ladies on July 1st. Empowering women is big for Cori, who lost her mother to cancer at just nine years old. Whether it be through modeling, designing or whatever she gets into next, expect for her to keep ascending. And if anyone tells this small town Jersey girl that she can’t, you should know by now that she has no problem doing it all by herself.

IG: @coritori

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